Engagement Wedding Cakes

engagement-cakeAt Sugarbliss Cake Company we love designing personalised celebration cakes just for you!

Our Engagement wedding cakes are available in all our delicious flavours and also available in our delicious eggless cake, vegan cake and gluten free cake flavours. We can design your engagement cake just for you or you can choose from some of our many engagement cake design we have already created. From heart cakes to Diamond ring engagement cakes, we are sure we can create exactly a cake for your celebration.

If you would like to discuss your special engagement cake desiign please contact us.

Naturally finished Wood themed Buttercream Wedding Cakes

wood themed wedding cakesWedding Cakes Deer Park Hall, Worcestershire

Our Natural buttercream finished wood themed wedding cake looked stunning and right at home, in the beautiful Deer Park Hall in Worcestershire

With over 36 delicious flavours and fillngs to choose from and all our cakes also available in Egglees, Gluten free and Vagan wedding cake flavours.


For mor information about our wedding cakes and wedding cake services, please contact us

Chocolate Birthday Drip Cakes

Chocolate Birthday Drip Cakes


choholate-drip-cakeSimply Choose your favourite chocolates, sweets, macaroons or biscuits to add a truely personalised touch for your special celebration.

We can even create a special number or birthday cake topper to really make your birthday cake stunning.
Our Birthday Drip cakes are available in all our freshly baked delicious flavours and fillings as well as, in our Vagan and Eggless cake flavours.
If you would like further information about our birthday cakes, please contact us

Semi Naked Buttercream Wedding Cakes

semi-naked-buttercream-wedding-cakesSemi Naked Buttercream Wedding Cakes


Naked Wedding Cakes, Semi naked wedding cakes and buttercream wedding cakes have been very popular this year and one of our favourite wedding cakes to create.


There are so many different finishes and toppers to enhance these stunning yet simple wedding cake designs.


Available in all sizes to cateer for the smallest to the largest wedding celebrations and available in all our delicious freshly baked cake flavours and fillings.


Also available in our mouth watering eggless and vegan cake flavours and fillings.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss your wedding cake design

Children’s Birthday cakes

children-book-birthday-cakeChildren’s Birthday cakes

We can create the perfect children’s personalised birthday cake from their favourite books, hobbies or toy.

From Night garden birthday Cakes, princess Birthday cakes to football birthday cakes to racing car cakes, we are sure we can create the perfect cellebration cake for your special day.

All our birthday cakes are available in all our flavours and filling and in any size no matter how small or large your celebration is.


We also specialise in Eggles birthday cakes and Vegan Birthday cakes.


Please contact us for more information about our personalised birthday cakes service.

Vegan Semi Naked Wedding Cakes

semi-naked-wedding-cakeVegan Semi Naked Wedding Cake

Our delicious Vegan semi naked wedding cake looked absolutely perfect at the stunning wedding venue  Mill Barns, Bridgenorth.

Created from our Vegan Vanilla and lemon flavours and fillings adorned with locally sourced oraganic strawberries and wild berries created this truely natural semi naked wedding cake design.


All our wedding cakes are available in different sizes no matter how small or large your wedding recption is cateering for.


For more information about our wedding cake designs, please contact us

Weight Lifting sports Birthday Cakes

weight lifting-gym-birthday cakeChoose your favourite sport and we will create the perfect sports birthday cake for you.

From tenis cakes, Racing car cakes, Boxing glove Cakes, Basketball cakes, football birthday cakes to weight lifting birthday cakes lets us personalise your birthday cake.

Choose from over 36 delicious cake flavours and fillings, also available in vegan birthday cakes, eggless birthday cakes and gluten free birthday cakes


please contact us if you would like to discuss your birthday personalised cake design.

Breitling Watch Birthday Cake

breitling-watch-birthday-cakeBreitling Watch Birthday Cake


Created in our delicious lemon drizzle cake flavour. Why not let Sugarbliss Cake Company, design the perfect Birthday Cake for your special celebration.


We have over 36 delicious cake flavours and also specialise in vegan, eggless and gluten free birthday cakes.


If you would like to discuss your birthday cake desin, please contact us

4 Tier Rustic Wedding Cake

rustic-4-tier-wedding-cake4 Tier Rustic Wedding Cake

Our Wedding cakes are available in all sizes and tiers from 2 tier to 8 tier.

Why not have a different cake flavour for each tier!

Also available in our delicious eggless wedding cake flavours, vegan wedding cake flavours and gluten free wedding cake flavours.

With a free wedding cake consultsation design service, cake sampling and a complete delivery and set up service, all you will need to do, is to decide on which mouthwatering delicious cake flavours to complete your perfect wedding cake design.

For further information about our wedding cakes,please contact us.