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Birthday Cakes for all occasions by Sugarbliss Cake Company. From Harry Potter, Paw Patrol to Drip Cakes & Buttercream cakes, We can create the perfect Birthday Cake For You.


Choose From Over 36 Delicious Cake Flavours, so not only will your Cake Look Stunning but Tastes Delicious Too!

We also specialise in Eggless Cakes, Dairy Free birthday cakes, Vegan Cakes & Gluten Free Birthday Cakes. If you would like to discuss your birthday cake or wedding cake design, give us a call or pop in to our shop, Knowle, Solihull.


Check out our fantastic cake decorating supplies shop so you can create your very own perfect celebration cake.

Wedding Cake – Birthday Cake Decorations

cake candlesWe have just added a fantastic new range of cake decorating essentials for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes and wedding favours. If you are creating a summer wedding cake or birthday cake check out our new cake decorating products available from our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Shop, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands.


So here is some of our top sugesstions for you to stock up on, if you are creating a wedding cake, birthday cake or wedding favours this summer.


Our selection of birthday cake candles, decorations and equipment are the perfect way to bring fun and colour to birthday cakes and cupcakes this summer. From Happy Birthday cake candles to bright colourful cake candles we have all sorts of birthday cake candles and sparklers to really brighten up your special birthday cake design.


From beautiful sugar roses to delicate edible lace, our colourful wedding cake decorations are perfect for accentuating summer wedding cakes, cupcakes and wedding cake favours.


We also have a brand new range of JEM Pop It Moulds available, with new designs to suit a variety of occasions including a train set, animal paws and a cute gingerbread man. Stock up on these great new additions today to create perfect easy cake decorations for any birthday cake, christening cake or wedding cake.


Brighten up your baking this summer with our vibrant cake decorations and food colourings! Our colourful complete range of concentrated food colours is a great way to add a quick and easy burst of colour to your summer cake creations. If you are creating a unicorn birthday cake or a rainbow cake our food colours are perfect for creating those bright and vibrant colours.

Summer Colourful Birthday Cakes

unicakeSummer is here and we’ve got everything you need to create birthday cakes, Wedding Cakes and Celebration cakes, from our most popular cake decorating products to brand new and exciting cake decorating equipment, all available from our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Shop, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands. Between weddings cakes, birthday cakes and garden party cakes, there’s always plenty of summer events to plan for, so make sure you get summer- ready with our best selling cake decorating supplies.


Unicorn cakes remain a top trend in the cake decorating world, having taken social media by storm over the last year. These fantastic colourful birthday cakes uses plenty of colour and sparkle, making them very popular choice for children’s birthday parties and special celebrations. Check out our simple unicorn how-to guide.


1 Secure the cake to your cake board using a small amount of buttercream.


2 Colour a large bowl of buttercream with the Pale Pink gel. Using a palette knife, spread the pink buttercream over the top of your cake.


3 Divide more buttercream into 3 bowls. Colour one bowl using more of the Pale Pink gel, one using Blue and one using Lemon.


4 Fill three piping bags with each of your three buttercream colours. Cut 10mm off the tips of each bag.


5 Insert the 2D drop ower nozzle into another piping bag and carefully insert the three lled piping bags, ensuring the ends are level and as near to the nozzle as possible.


6 Pipe an individual swirl of buttercream on the base of your cake. Continue all the way around until all the cake is completely covered.


7 Mix the Purple Cupcakes pearls and vermicelli together in a bowl. Sprinkle on the top of your cake in an arc shape to create a colourful rainbow.


8 Add your mini ower sugar pipings.


9 Roll out your gold metallic modelling paste and cut out your desired name and age using the Push Easy cutters. Secure to the top of the cake towards the front edge.


10 Place your unicorn on top for the perfect magical finish!

The ‘Surprize Is In side’ Cakes

filled-cakesOur surprize fillable cakes have been great fun and very popular this year. Whether, for a wedding cake or a birthday cake, these fun cakes can be filled with so many different treats and really do create a surprize when the cake is cut.


Choose from a wide selection of fillings from smarties, candy sweets to chocolates and popping candy, to create your very own favourite surpize in side! Our delicious ‘Surprize In Side’ cakes are also available in all our sponge flavours and are also available in our delicious and popular, Eggless cakes and Gluten free cakes.


Our wonderful filled cake designs can be created in any of our bespoke cake designs from a traditional designed birthday cakes to stunning colourful rainbow celebration cakes and wedding cakes!




Christian Louboutin Shoe Box Cake

christan-louboutin-shoe-cakeOur Christian Louboutin Shoe Box Cake was great fun to create and looked absolutely stunning. The Shoe box cake was accompanied with a cascading stack of cupcakes with edible stiletto shoes made from sugar paste icing and place on to our delicious vanilla buttercream. Using a 2D nozzle tip, we created elegant buttercream rose swirls which adorned our vanilla sponge cupcakes. Our cupcakes were also filled with a tasty raspberry/strawberry jam filling.


The shoe box cake was created from our red velvet cake mix which is now available to purchase in 500g bags from our cake decorating supplies shop, Solihull, Birmingham.


SONY DSCIn order to create perfect square edges, we used a white chocolate ganache. The cake had 3 ganche coating before we covered the cake using a combination of teddy brown sugar paste icing and white icing.


Once covered we then used a cake decorators smoother and a set of flexi smoothers to create the sharpe edges on the cake.


The Christian Louboutin logo was made by carefully cutting out by hand, the letters from an icing sheet. It was then secured on to the front and back using a cake decorating edible glued.


The Christian Louboutin sugar shoe was devised by producing stencils from an original LB shoe. Using the templates a pattern was forged on to finely rolled squires red, black and cream florist paste. Again, the pieces were secured using edible cake decorators glue.


The stiletto heel was made using our silicone heel mould and a 50/50 mix of florist paste and ready to roll sugar paste.

The Magic Of Frozen Cake Toppers

Disney Frozen sven FigurineWe have added many more new products to our cake decorations, cake decorating and cupcake supplies online shop as well as our cake decorating shop in, Knowle, Solihull. The frozen themed celebration cakes are still very popular and our new frozen characters with Sven and Kristoff joining our Elsa, Anna and Olaf frozen cake toppers, you can now create your very own frozen themed celebration cakes with ease!


Disney Frozen Kristoff FigurineYou can also simply create and add some snowflakes in various sizes using our snowflake cutter by PME and why not use some of our edible glitter to really create a magical frozen themed celebration cake. Our range of snowflake cutters are available in various sizes and are ideal for creating a winter themed wedding cake design.


Why not even create some white sugarpaste trees using various different sized star cutters. Simply choose the sizes, roll out some white sugarpaste icing, cut out two of every sized star and stack the stars on top of each other turning slightly at the same time. Then sprinkle some edible white glitter over the snow tree and place on to your frozen cake.


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Colourful Baking Ideas

food-colouringOur range of stunning Paste Food Colours are suitable for painting and colouring sugarpaste, marzipan, flower paste, pastillage, buttercream and pastry or any food that you would like to brighten for a special occasion.


All our paste colours are glycerine-free and therefore suitable for run-outs and sugar flower work, where complete drying is essential. Our professional paste colours will not alter the consistency of the sugar paste icing as a liquid food colour can. They are fully mixable, so you can mix different colours to achieve your exact shade of colour.


Whether you are creating a vibrant rainbow wedding cake, red velvet cupcakes or a vibrant birthday cake, we’ve got everything you need to add a wonderful explosion of colour into your wedding cakes, birthday cakes or cupcakes.



food-colouring-gel-rainbowRainbow cakes are a great way to use lots of bright food colouring paste gels and are always a huge talking point when your cake is cut in to slices!  When making bright layers of sponge our Colour gels are very highly concentrated and bring out a very strong clear colour when added to your cake mix.


All our range of food colouring pastes and gels are available to order from our cake decorating shop, knowle, Solihull.






Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter Set – PME

heart-cuttersHeart Shaped Cookie Cutter Set – PME


We’ve put together a selection of Valentine’s cutters in all different shapes and sizes so you can create your own homemade chocolate cookies, brownies and cake decorations. From Heart cutters, moulds to edible hearts and lips our selection for Valentine’s is perfect for creating a special ‘cake’ gift.


PME Heart Plastic Cookie Cutters – set of 6 plastic cutters, 31mm, 45mm, 64mm, 81mm, 95mm and 108mm. This set includes all you need to create pretty heart decorations or fantastic heart cookies for wedding and celebration cakes.


They are simple to use and include everything you will need to create cookies and to decorate special occasion cakes with beautiful sugar decorations.


We also have a great range of Cupcake cases available from our Cake Decorating Shop. Our Cupcake cases are perfect for creating beautiful Valentine’s gift. Or why not treat your Valentine to one of our delicious Valentine Cupcakes. Our Valentines’ s cupcakes are created from our mouth watering chocolate sponge, topped with a strawberry butter cream and finished with a red sugar rose.


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Gluten, Vegan Wedding Cakes & Birthday Cakes

vintage-lce-wedding-cakeGluten, Vegan Wedding Cakes And Birthday Cakes.

We have just added to our range of dietary cake flavours our new and delicious Gluten Free and Vegan cake flavour. This moist gluten free and vegan sponge cake is available to order in our celebration cakes, wedding cakes and cupcakes. Freshly baked in our Sugarbliss Cakery!
We now offer in are range of dietary cake flavours our renowned eggless cake, gluten free cake, dairy free cake, vegan cake and our new gluten and vegan cake sponge.
We have a large range of diamante number and letter cake decorations available in our cake decorating shop Knowle, Solihull Birmingham. We have just added a further range of celebration diamante wishes from Happy Birthday to Baby Shower pins, perfect for simply adding to any birthday cake or celebration cake.
cake-decorating-toolsAnother new must have cake decorating product which is also available to order, from our online cake decorating supplies shop is the Cassie Brown Pick’n Place Tool.

This handy little cake decorating tool will allow you to pick and place dragees and small sugar decorations with ease. Add a sparkling line of dragees to your wedding cake easily and efficiently. A simple way to add sugar decoration to your occasion cake.


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Doctor Who Tardis Cake

doctor-who-tardisDoctor Who Tardis Cake.

We have created so many differently themed Dr Who Cakes over the years from Aliens to Planets but our favourite design by far, is the iconic Tardis. Our Doctor Who Tardis cake was created from our delicious chocolate sponge cake. The cake was then filled with our banana buttercream one of our new buttercream flavours to be recently added to our large range of mouthwatering cake fillings.


We are sure our Doctor Who Tardis cake will be a fun and admired talking point this weekend at the Doctor Who Convent in Devon.


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