Cake Star Push Easy Upper & Mini Upper Case Alphabet Cutters

cuttersWe have a new fantastic range of Alphabet and number cutters for cake decorating. Our new range of cake star cutters are now available from our Sugarbliss cake Decorating shop, Knowle, Solihull or why not order from our sugarbliss cake decorating company online store. These fantastic cutters are perfect for birthday cakes or celebration cakes, simple to use and create a professional finish on your birthday cakes.


Uppercase Large Letter Cutters


Personalise your novelty cakes & cupcakes with this complete upper case plunger alphabet cutter set. The 26 cutters are made from food approved plastic with internal spring mechanisms & give an attractive embossed edge to your lettering. Suitable for use with sugarpaste, however, for best results we suggest you use a modelling paste. The cutters are packaged in a stylish box which makes an excellent gift for a novice or experienced cake maker, and is also ideal to store them when not in use.


Individual cutter – approx.60mm


Mini Upper Letter Cutters


Perfect for personalising cakes and cupcakes these mini plunger cutters are a godsend! Simple to use, these upper and lower case alphabet cutters are made from food approved plastic, have an internal spring mechanism and each one will add an embossed edge to your lettering.


Each set is packaged in a box for easy storage, making these a fantastic gift for anyone who decorates cakes, whether they are a novice or advanced. Instructions for use are included.The upper case and lower case sets are both available individually but more cost effective if purchased together.


These cutters can be used with sugarpaste however for best results, we recommend using modelling paste.


Upper Case cutters – approximately 26mm
Lower Case cutters – approximately 26mm



Tall Is In! – Wedding Cakes – 2018

Wedding cakes can be created from many different sizes. Although deep cakes have always been popular giving plenty of height and elegance the the most simplest looking wedding cake design, the 8 inch and 10 inch deep cakes really do add height and elegance making this style of wedding cake stunning.


There are many cake decorating tools to help the beginner and professional to create beautiful wedding cakes but one of the more recent cake decorating tools by PME now available are their New plain Edge Side Scrapers Tall and Extra Tall. These time saving tools produce excellent results and now part of our range of cake decorating equipment, all available from our Cake decorating Supplies Shop, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands. Open Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm.

Edible food pens

Edible food pens


Our range of Edible food pens are filled with edible ink. The Pens have a standard pen style 2.5mm nib which can be used for standard work and a fine 0.5mm nib for the fine Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 16.18.12detail such as adding facial features and intricate details to sugar flowers. These quick drying Edible food pens, are suitable for vegetarians, Kosher, and Halal.


Our Edible food pens are available in 23 vibrant colours, are quick drying  and are unique against most other edible food pens as these pens are double sided. The opposite end of the pen  has a 2.5 mm thicker nib is suitable for creating messages and pictures on icing.


The Edible food pens are easy to use for the novice and professional cake decorator and are brilliant for children to use and get involved in cake decorating. They can be used on iced cookies and designs can be embossed onto sugar paste or flower paste using any shape cutter or detailed plastic embossers, leave to dry for at least 24 hours then your piece can be coloured in using the Edible food pens.


We have available the complete range of edible food pen colours at our cake decorating and supplies shop, Solihull, West Midlands

Stainless Steel Icing Ruler

icing-stainless-steel-rulerStainless Steel Ruler



As the very first PME cake decorating product, this Precision Machined and Engineered tool really set the blue print for the future of PME. Designed and developed for the British Army in the early 1970s to ensure that coating the top of a cake with Royal Icing, Buttercream or cream was as perfect as possible. This product then defined the standard of quality that has always been associated with all PME products.


Polished Stainless Steel Icing – PME – Measures 16″ (40.5cm)  long x 1″ (25mm) wide. This icing ruler creates a perfect, smooth finish to the top of your cake when royal icing. Use the ruler at an angle to draw across the top of the cake from back to front to create a smooth surface.


This product is available from our cake decorating shop, Solihull, West midlands or why not simply order from our online cake decorating shop.


Cake Smoother Polisher

Cake Smoother Polisher



Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 16.41.54It was over 30 years ago that in the UK Sugarpaste really started to grow in popularity and the secret of a successfully coated cake had to be a Smoother Polisher. A simple but effective tool that if truth be known until tried was difficult to believe that it really could make a difference and then to discover that using two Smoothers – one in each hand was pure magic and really was the icing on the cake!


This light and easy tool is perfect for smoothing cakes for the perfect finishing touch to make your cake look phenomenal. Whether you are creating a wedding cake or a birthday cake, having a good quality smoother is a must in order to create a professional smooth and uniformed finish.


We sell a variety of Smoother Polishers that are all available from our cake decorating shop, Solihull, West midlands or why not simply order from our online cake decorating shop. With a fast delivery service and a click and collect option.


Colour Splash Edible Pens

colour-splash-edible-pensColour Splash Edible Pens

Our new range of Colour Splash cake decorating edible pens are really easy to use for personalising and adding unique finishing touches.
Each pen has 2 sides with a thick and a thin nib for writing, colouring and adding detail to cake decorations.
Available in a great value pack of 8 or single colours and include orange, brown, red, black, green, blue, pink & yellow.
Our range of edible cake decorating pens are now available online or to purchase from our Cake decorating & Supplies Shop, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands.
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Edible Icing Colour Pens Now in Stock


We’re delighted to say that we have the full range of Rainbow Dust double-ended icing colour pens back in stock.

Containing 100% edible icing / food colouring, the pens have a 2.5mm nib for general work and 0.5mm nib for fine detail.  They’re perfect for writing and drawing directly on to sugarpaste, marzipan, flower modelling paste or royal icing.

We stock the full colour range of the Rainbow dust icing colour pens at our Cake Decorating Supplies shop, Solihull as well as being available to order from our Cake Decorating Online shop. These fabulous Icing Pens are available in Red, Yellow, Bright Gold, Dark Gold, Peach, Orange, Dusky Pink, Burgundy, Grape Violet, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Jet Black, Sky Blue, Teal, Spring Green, Leaf Green, Coffee, Chocolate, Air Force Blue and Silver Grey.
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Cake Card Boards

cake-cards-hardboardsjpgCake Cards

Hardboard cake cards are exceptionally strong but are much thinner than traditional cake drums, so are ideal for novelty cakes and for using to create support within cakes.


Our cake cards are ideal for presenting your cakes and sugar craft pieces and are available in various sizes, oblong round or square. They can also be used for construction and support within stacked and novelty cakes.


Our Cake Cards are often used between tiers on a stacked cake for separating each tier and can also be used for lighter cakes such as sponge cakes or Christmas logs.


Check out our extended range of hardboard cake boards at fantastic prices.


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Electric Cake Steamer by PME

The Fondant Steamer seen on all the Cake Decorating TV shows is now available in our Cake decorating, Cake decorations and cupcake supplies shop Solihull, Knowle.


PME’s new Cake Steamer is a fantastic clever piece of cake decorating equipment which removes any excess icing sugar, stress marks, cornflour or even finger marks and gives sugarpaste a fantastic, smooth, gorgeous sheen on your wedding cakes or celebration cakes.

Cake & Fondant electric steamer

Electric Cake Steamer by PME


  • a great little piece of kit which is popular as a fondant steamer in the USA and now attracting a big following in the UK . . .
  • create incredible finishes by removing unwanted icing sugar, fingerprints, rolling marks, cornflour, nicks, stress marks etc
  • add a natural sheen to leaves and flowers - use with sugarpaste, flower paste, gumpaste etc.


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What You Need Cake Baking And Decorating

We are regularly asked about What Do We Need For Cake Decorating Equipment And Tools? So you have what it takes to bake, but now it is time for you to decorate your cakes! If you’re ready to take your cakes to the next level by learning the art of cake decorating, you are going to need some basic cake decorating supplies. All the professional cake decorating equipment and supplies available can seem really daunting! In taking a look at our own cake decorating essentials, we have assembled a basic beginners list to help you determine the tools that will be the most useful for you.


Cake Boards: Cakes simply look best on boards. Made of strong cardboard, cake board drums come in various sizes, shapes and even colours, so it is always a good idea to have a selection of different sized boards etc.


Cake Lifters look like a fatter version of the type you’d use to flip your pancakes. Ideal for moving your cakes with minimal stress or mess.


Cake Stencils are a cutout guide used for transferring an image onto your cake. You simply brush or sprinkle the coloring dust etc through the stencil, and the design remains on the cake. Cake stencils are great for adding a pattern to fondant topped cakes, but they also create a great effect on cakes that need visual Wow factor.


Piping Tips Couplers are a cake decorating tool consisting of a base and a ring which allows you to change piping tips without changing the bag.


Piping Tips are used with icing bags. They come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes to create different piping effects.


Digital Scale: If you’re a baker, you know that weighing ingredients helps you achieve more reliable results. So it’s definitely good to have a digital scale for decorating, as it can be helpful when measuring ingredients for icings etc.


Flower Nail: Shaped like a nail with a wider, flat head to create simple sugar piped flowers. With one hand spin the nail while your other hand does the piping. It is a good working surface that gives you better access than working directly on a cake, and the flat surface makes transferring to the cake simple.


Sugarpaste Roller is a non-stick rolling pin specifically designed for sugarpaste icing. Guide rings will often make it easy to roll out to even thicknesses.


Icing Smoother: These paddle-like tools are used to smooth the sugarpaste icing once it has been draped over the cake for a professional, finished look free of air bubbles or bumps.


Impression or Texture Mat: Perhaps not a necessity, but again, an easy way to create an impressive result. By placing the mat over rolled out sugarpaste, and applying even pressure across the surface, when you peel away the mat, you have a beautiful recessed design to place on your cake.


Food Paste Coloring: For the best variety of vibrant colors, invest in some gel paste food coloring or food coloring powder, also known as dusting powder. You’ll never go back to the liquid kind! Ideal for tinting icings, coloring sugarpaste and hand painting your cake.


Sugarpaste Cutters: The idea is similar to a cookie cutter, and really, some cookie cutters can be used for sugarpaste. Some versions have a plunger release, which we highly recommend: you can place your cutter on the sugarpaste, cut out your shape, and then press the release button for a clean cutout.


Modeling Set: This is a fantastic thing to have for modeling and shaping sugarpaste, as well as adding detail to fondant and modeling chocolate. Very nice for adding definition to flowers, leaves, and other small fondant or sugarpaste decorations. A basic modeling set will include a variety of tools tools. Examples include the Bone tool, which is ideal for smoothing curves, the Ball tool, which resembles a tiny ball bearing is very helpful in making rounded indentations on leaves and flowers, the Blade tool, which, as the name might imply, is something like a scalpel and perfect for cutting out small shapes.


Offset Palette Knife: An offset palette knife is a slim metal spatula with a blade that has a bend, allowing the blade to sit below the handle. Use it for spreading and smoothing icings and fillings.


Rolled Sugarpaste: Is ideal for creating a beautiful finish, many celebration cakes are topped with rolled sugarpaste. It is made of sugar, water, gelatin and food-grade glycerine. Its smooth appearance gives cakes a polished look, and rolled sugarpaste is also flexible and workable enough to mold into shapes.


Turntable: It makes frosting easy  and is also helpful when cake decorating, making it easy to rotate the cake to attend to all sides without the possibility of damaging the cake while lifting and shifting.

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