Tall Is In! – Wedding Cakes – 2018

Wedding cakes can be created from many different sizes. Although deep cakes have always been popular giving plenty of height and elegance the the most simplest looking wedding cake design, the 8 inch and 10 inch deep cakes really do add height and elegance making this style of wedding cake stunning.


There are many cake decorating tools to help the beginner and professional to create beautiful wedding cakes but one of the more recent cake decorating tools by PME now available are their New plain Edge Side Scrapers Tall and Extra Tall. These time saving tools produce excellent results and now part of our range of cake decorating equipment, all available from our Cake decorating Supplies Shop, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands. Open Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm.

Award Winning Wedding Cakes & Birthday Cakes

SugarBlissAward Winning Wedding Cakes & Birthday Cakes Solihull


We are so delighted at Sugarbliss Cake Company to be the winners of the British Business Federation Best Cake Makers And Best Customer Service awrds in Solihull, West Midlands, for our bespoked wedding cakes, birthday cakes and celebration cakes. It is so inspiring to be recognised for all the hard work and detail we give when creating our beautiful wedding cakes and our stunning birthday cakes.


We are also delighted to be shortly displaying our new wedding cake collection for 2018. Our new wedding cake designs will be available to see in our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Shop in Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands. Our wedding cakes will also be featured in various wedding magazines through out 2018 and at Bridal wedding Shows. If you would like any information about our wedding cakes, simply call us or pop in to our shop, where are friendly staff will be able to advise on any weeding cake flavours or designs you have.





Christmas Celebration Cakes And Cake Decorations

Christmas Celebration Cakes And Cake Decorations For Christmas 2017


We are really excited about our newly designed Christmas Cakes for 2017 and all our new and wonderful Christmas cake decorations which are now available from our Cake Decorating Shop in Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands.


From Christmas Round Cake Drums/boards, Christmas Square Cake cards, Christmas cake frills, Christmas Snowflake cutters, Holly Cake Decorating Cutters to Christmas Cupcake Cases, Santa/father Christmas cake toppers, Christmas sugar cake decorations, Christmas cake decorating toppers to Christmas Cake Boxes, we are sure you will find everything you need to create your very own festive Christmas Cake and great friendly advice from our Cake Decorating Supplies Shop, Solihull.


snowflake cuttersOur snowflake cutters are fantastic for creating beautiful and simple sugar snowflakes perfect for adding to a themed Christmas cake design or on festive birthday cakes. You can also make amazing snow themed wedding cake designs for creating a stunning winter elegant wedding cake.


To prepare the snowflakes roll out white florist or modelling paste finely. Place the cuttewr on to the paste and press down the plunger to create the embossing.


Press on the cutter to cut out the shape.


Press the plunger once more to eject the shapes. Attach the snowflakes to the cake to decorate.


Add sum edible white glitter to create beautiful festive Christmas cake decoration toppers.

Halloween Birthday Cakes & Toppers

Halloween Birthday Cake Toppers


We have a fantastic range of Halloween cake decorations which are now available from our cake decorating supplies shop in Solihull, West Midlands.


Our new edible cake decorations are ideal for simple adding to your Halloween Celebration cake or Your Halloween Birthday Cake. From our new range of scrumptious Halloween sugar strands mix, spider rings, pme pumpkin cutter to our colourful Halloween Cupcake cases. Why not create your very own Halloween wedding cake using our deep red florist paste to create beautiful sugar flowers to adorn a seasonal tiered wedding cake.


With Christmas approaching fast we have put together a great guide to create as stunning festive Christmas cake using a combination of food colouring techniques to create an amazing night sky and snowy landscape effect.


Next week we will giving a step to step guide on how to create your own stunning festive Christmas cake design.

Wedding Cake – Birthday Cake Decorations

cake candlesWe have just added a fantastic new range of cake decorating essentials for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes and wedding favours. If you are creating a summer wedding cake or birthday cake check out our new cake decorating products available from our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Shop, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands.


So here is some of our top sugesstions for you to stock up on, if you are creating a wedding cake, birthday cake or wedding favours this summer.


Our selection of birthday cake candles, decorations and equipment are the perfect way to bring fun and colour to birthday cakes and cupcakes this summer. From Happy Birthday cake candles to bright colourful cake candles we have all sorts of birthday cake candles and sparklers to really brighten up your special birthday cake design.


From beautiful sugar roses to delicate edible lace, our colourful wedding cake decorations are perfect for accentuating summer wedding cakes, cupcakes and wedding cake favours.


We also have a brand new range of JEM Pop It Moulds available, with new designs to suit a variety of occasions including a train set, animal paws and a cute gingerbread man. Stock up on these great new additions today to create perfect easy cake decorations for any birthday cake, christening cake or wedding cake.


Brighten up your baking this summer with our vibrant cake decorations and food colourings! Our colourful complete range of concentrated food colours is a great way to add a quick and easy burst of colour to your summer cake creations. If you are creating a unicorn birthday cake or a rainbow cake our food colours are perfect for creating those bright and vibrant colours.

Giraffe And Hippo Birthday Cakes

wedding-cake-cuttersOur exciting new range of cutters are now available in our Cake Decorating Supplies Shop, Solihull, West Midlands. Oue new range of sugarcraft cutters are perfect for creating cake decorations for wedding cakes and birthday cakes. Our new curved words Mr&Mrs and You&Me are easy and simple to use to create stuuning wedding cake toppers. Our new easy ever carnation flower cutter lets you create perfect sugarflowers to simply add to a single tiered wedding cake or why not create a cascade effect on your wedding cake design.


We also have some real fun but brillant easy to use cake decorating cutters, making a birthday themed animal or jungle cake look amazingly proffessional. Our Giraffe and Hippo cutters can also be used to create stunning baby shower cakes or cute 1st birthday cakes.


hippo-jungle-birthday-cakesIf you Love Sugarflair products Why not try Sugarflair’s selection of beautiful spring paste colours to help inspire your customers as we step into the elegant wedding cakes season! The new range of colours include lavender, flamingo and daffodil and are perfect for creating spring and summer sugar flowers to adnorn any summer wedding cake.

New 2017 Edible Cupcake Decorations

cake-decorations We have a great new range of fun and easy to use cake and cupcake decorations available now from our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating supplies shop, Solihull, West Midlands. Our new edible cake decorations include the popular sugar cake decorations from our ‘Baked With Love’ range.



Our Baked with Love collection includes a brand new range of edible and non-edible
products to our range this month, specially designed to maximise time in decorating your cupcakes, wedding cakes and birthday cakes. The range includes, edible eyes, cake bunting and sugar flowers, all presented in attractive packaging. These new recently added cake decorations are perfect for creating fun cupcakes, birthday cakes and wedding cakes this summer.

Fresh Flowers And Wedding Cakes

fresh flower wedding cakeAt Sugarbliss Cake Company we regularly design wedding cakes to include fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are often used decorate wedding cakes and birthday cakes.  They can add a fresh and vibrant look to the cake, making it a focal point at any celebration.


There is one very important factor to consider if you wish to use fresh flowers – are they suitable?  Many are poisonous therefore must NOT be used directly on a cake.  Always check with a florist or other reliable source before going ahead.  A few of the more popular poisonous flowers are arum (calla) lilies, asparagus fern, bluebell, ivy, heelebore, iris and tulip.


Here are a few tips for using fresh flowers –


Check lists of edible non toxic flowers on the internet or consult with a florist.  Among the most popular edible flowers for cakes are roses, lavender, primroses, pansies, violets, chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers and hibiscus.


Check how they are grown.  The use of pesticides on many flowers makes them unsuitable for cakes.  They must have been grown organically, or come from a known source eg. home or farm grown with no pesticides or other chemicals being used.


Choose flowers to match the theme of the wedding or celebration.  If for a wedding this will be discussed with the bride well in advance!


Ways to use flowers on cakes –


Whole in arrangements, or wired and taped into a spray.   May be used as a divider between tiers – very popular for wedding cakes.


Use just the petals sprinkled around and over the cake (rose petals are popular).


Crystallised – a form of flower preservation for cakes and cupcakes (primroses and violets are popular in Spring).  Simply coat in egg white, dip in caster sugar and dry for several hours!


Place a barrier between the cake and flowers if possible, such as clear cellophane.


Wash gently, if possible before use under a slow running cold water tap.  This will ensure that any stray bugs, dirt etc will be removed.


Inserting stems into cakes – do not insert directly into a cake.  Place stems into plastic posy picks as a barrier between cake and stems.  Posy picks are available in many different sizes and are available from our cake decorating supplies shop, Solihull.


Add flowers as late as possible before the wedding or celebration commences to prevent wilting.  This can happen in hot weather, and if the flowers are directly on moist buttercream.


Fresh flowers are ideal for this style of cake, as they can be ‘squeezed’ into place with no gaps showing.  Sugar flowers are obviously delicate and cannot be manoeuvred like fresh flowers.


A standard size gap between the tiers is usually 1 ½” to 2”.  However this may vary depending on the flowers you are using.


How do you create the gap?


Polystyrene separators, round and square, 2″ deep are available, and are a perfect lightweight option for this job.  They come in many sizes and will spread the weight of the cake evenly, which ensures the assembled cake is stable.  A thin single or double thick cake card / board the same size as the separator should be placed underneath.  This will support the dowels.


Hidden or hollow pillars which fit down into the cake and may be cut to fit the height of the cake and gap required.  This option combines dowelling and separating the cakes all in one!


Ideal separator sizes for a wedding cake with 6” 8” 10” (12”) tiers would be 4” and 6”( 8”).  This will create sufficient room for the flowers and stems to be arranged around the separators.

Fmm New Cake Decorating Cutters

peony-flowers-fmmWe have many new cake decorating supplies available from our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Supplies Shop, Knowle, Solihull. Two of the most simplest and effect cutters we have recently added to our large sugar flower and cake decorating cutters are the wonderful high quality cutters from Fmm. Their new Adorable Baby Cutter Set and their new Easiest Ever Peony Cutter are perfect for creating professional decorated cakes. The Easiest Ever Peony Cutter is brilliant for making beautiful hand made sugarflowers for wedding cakes, birthday cakes or anniversary cakes.


Designed to create the easiest and quickest sugar peonies ever! Different sized peonies can be created by simply adding more petals. It also includes a leaf cutter!
Simple and easy to use for beginners and a great time saving tool for professional cake decorators especially for a cascading sugar flower wedding cake design.


fmm-baby-showerYou can also create adorable decorations for those New Baby Special Occasions! Whether it’s for a Baby Shower cake, New Arrival or Christening cake, you’ll find these cutters perfect!

This easy to use cutter features 4 designs including a baby in a pram, a crawling baby, a stork and a baby in a blanket!


Buy Now these brilliant cutters at great prices by popping in to our friendly cake decorating shop in Solihull or ordering from our Sugarbliss Online Cake Decorating Supplies Shop.

Edible Jewels by Rainbow dust

edible-jewelsWe have lots of new cake decorating tools and products available form our Cake Decorating shop in Solihull, West Midlands. One of our favourite and best selling cake decorating products is the range of Rainbow Edible Jewels.


Rainbow Dust Emerald Jewels are soft translucent edible jelly jewels for cake decorating. Ideal for using on wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes and celebration cakes. For best results, chill before use. Carefully remove from packaging using Dresden tool to avoid damaging. If tarnished, brush with vegetable oil to remove blemishes and simply add to your wedding cake design or special celebration cake to create an amazing jewel or gem effect.


These fantastic edible cake decorations are available in different colours and shapes. From clear diamond jewels, pink, ruby, emerald to to pink pearls and red hearts, we are sure these edible cake decorations will really add a touch of sparkle to your special celebration cakes or cupcakes.


Ingredients: Humectant: Glycerine (E422), Sorbitol (E420)*, Gelatine (Pork); Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid (E330); Sweetener: Sucralose (E955); Preservative: Sodium Benzoate (E211); Flavouring; Colour: E133, E151. E161b & E171.


Storage: Store at ambient temperature. Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight.