Eggless Wedding Cakes & Vegan Wedding Cakes

royal-iced-wedding-cakeEggless Wedding Cakes & Vegan Wedding Cake Flavours by Sugarbliss Cake Company, Solihull, Birmingham, West Midlands.


Choosing your wedding cake flavours is one of the most important – and most fun – decisions that a bride and groom will make and should reflect their big day’s theme and style. When choosing your cake flavours and including any dietary requirements, should be one of the first things to do when deciding on your overall wedding cake design.


Although many of the traditional wedding cake flavours are suitable for almost any wedding cake design, if you are choosing an Eggless wedding cake or a vegan wedding cake you must check with your wedding cake designer if there are any wedding cake designs which would not be suitable using these flavours.


Eggless and Vegan cake recipes do not have as much strength as a typically baked sponge cake and require much more support and careful planning. This may effect the overall size or shape of your wedding cake especially if your wedding cake design is shaped in any way.


eggless-semi-naked-wedding-cakeOne such design which is perfect for eggfree wedding cake and vegan wedding cake designs are the popular semi naked wedding cakes. These stunning rustic looking cakes can simply have added to them sugar flowers or fresh fruit/fresh flowers to adorn the tops of these stunning wedding cake designs.


If you are interested in our delicious eggless wedding cake or vegan wedding cakes , please contact us or why not simply order one of our sample boxes to fry our eggfree or vegan cake flavours.





Wedding Cake Flavours

Wedding Cake Flavours

We have a great selection of over 50 cake flavours to choose from and although fruit cake may be the traditional flavour for wedding cakes we offer a whole range of delicious cake flavours which are freshly baked in our bakery for the modern bride to choose from.


Wedding cake designs don’t just stop at the decorations and choosing a different delicious cake flavour to compliment your wedding cake design is as important.


You can decide on a different flavour for each tier which will create all sorts of contrasting flavours with a combination of inventive fillings to really surprise your guests, once the cake is cut.


Have a look at some of our most popular flavours to help you choose the perfect wedding cake design.
Fruit cake: A must-have flavour for the traditional bride. Fruit cake goes a long way and with a very generous shelf life, making it a great choice for preservation or sending pieces to those that couldn’t attend the day. Traditionally, the bottom layer of a wedding cake was cut at the wedding, with the middle tier being served to guests and the top tier being kept for the christening of the couple’s first baby.


Chocolate: A perfect choice for chocoholics and a guaranteed hit with most of your guests. Chocolate cake can vary in richness and works well with an endless list of fillings. Put a unique spin on this classic flavour with different filling such as mint or really treat your guests with a chocolate fudge filling.


Vanilla:  This classic sponge wedding cake flavour remains the most popular flavour for our wedding cakes and will be popular with your younger and older guests. Vanilla makes a great base for just about any flavour and can be combined with a wide selection of different fillings.


Red velvet: This ever popular silky smooth cake flavour is irresistible as it not only looks great but tastes amazing. Hide underneath white icing for a surprise colour when the cake is cut or make a real statement with a red velvet naked wedding cake.


White Chocolate with Raspberry: This winning combination is perfect  for those looking for a flavour with a difference. The sweet white chocolate really comes to life when paired with the fruitiness of the raspberry filling. Perfect for bringing something a little unique to your wedding cake.
Lemon: A great choice for summer cakes. As one of the most popular flavours you can guarantee lemon cake will go down well on your day.


Carrot: Carrot cake makes a brilliant alternative to more common flavours such as chocolate and fruit.  Carrot cake can be very moist, particularly when paired with buttercream, so it may not make a suitable bottom tier flavour choice.


Pink Champagne: Cake, bubbly and weddings are a matched made in heaven so it’s no surprise that pink champagne flavoured wedding cakes are increasing in demand this year. The pretty shade can be achieved using our pink Colour Splash food colouring gel too. Popular fillings for a champagne cake include rum flavoured custard, white chocolate or rich whipped cream.


Coconut and Lime: Channel the tropics with this surprisingly delicious flavour combination. Coconut has surged in popularity over recent years and the addition of tangy lime filling gives it that extra kick that guests will love.  This fun-filled flavour is perfect for summer weddings or tropical destination weddings.


Marble cake: Can’t decide between vanilla and chocolate? Who says you have to! The two popular flavours work incredibly well together to create an irresistible marble cake that is guaranteed to tantalise your guests’ tastebuds.


We also offer a range of delicious dietary cake flavours including our popular eggless wedding cake flavour, vegan wedding cake flavour, gluten free wedding cake flavour and our new sugarfree wedding cake flavour.


What flavours will you be trying out for your big day? Why not try one of our delicious wedding cake taster boxes.

2 Tier Mini Wedding Cake


2 Tier Mini Wedding Cake



2-tier-flower-wedding-cakeOur new mini 2 tier wedding cake is a perfect size for smaller wedding receptions. You can also simply add some of our cupcakes to compliment your wedding cake.
Adding some sugarflowers creates a beautiful finish to this eye catching delightful wedding cake. You can also simply add a traditional bride and groom cake topper or a hand made sugar model.
This stunning wedding cake is available in all of our delicious flavours and freshly baked in our cakery. You can now also choose from our range of designs inside your sponge cake. Choose from hearts to rainbows to really add something different on your special day.
The Surprise is in side with a SugarBliss Cake!

Mini 3 Tier Wedding Cakes

midsummer-dreamWe are really excited about our new mini wedding cake collection. Our mini wedding cakes are sized 4″, 6″ and 8″ serving approximately 70 portions. Our mini wedding cakes are ideally suited for smaller wedding receptions and are also available in 3″, 4″ and 5″ depth, although, a combination of depth really makes these wedding cakes elegant.


Our new coloured and patterned cake flavour designs are also available for our mini wedding cake collection. You can choose rainbow-cakefrom hearts, stars polka dot, just to name a few to our delicious mouth watering rainbow cake flavour design.


You can also choose different cake flavours for each tier and our mini wedding cake collection is available in our range of delicious cake flavours, as well as, our eggless and gluten free flavours.






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National Asian Wedding Show 2015

swirling-flowers-wedding-cakeWe are really excited to be exhibiting our new collection of wedding cakes on 18th January 2015, at the National Asian Wedding Show, Birmingham Motorcycle Museum. One of our latest wedding cake designs is our beautiful swirling rose wedding cake. Each flower has been individually made from sugar and this 5 tier cake really is eye catching. You can also choose a different flavour for each tier, you can choose from over 36 of our delicious range of cake recipes.


Following the success of our series of shows in 2014, where over 44,000 people visited 5 shows in 3 cities, Europe’s largest Asian Wedding Show now returns to the Midlands.

The National Asian Wedding Show has built a solid foundation over the 9 years it has been teaming brides and grooms to be with world class exhibitors across the UK. The show builds on its success by delivering great number of visitors.

2015 is set to raise the bar once again in the industry with the National Asian Wedding Show starting off the year at The National Motorcycle Museum in January, then returning to The Bradford Hotel before finishing off the season back in London’s prestigious Radisson Blu Portman Square at the start of March and at The City Pavilion at the end of March.



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Wedding Cakes Hot Topics

In this Month’s West Midlands Wedding Magazine Hot Topics, we were asked to answer the following readers question:-


Q. My maid-of-honour had a bad experience with her cake maker while planning her own wedding a few months’ back. We’re really keen to have a bespoke cake design, so how can we ensure our cake maker supplies us with what we want?


Choosing a wedding cake supplier to design a bespoke wedding cake can be daunting, simply because there are so many out there. If you’re about to embark on a journey to construct the most important edible element of your big day then you need to do some work beforehand. Before your wedding consultation it is a good idea to collect together some ideas of what you like or dislike in cakes. If you have any ideas, pictures of cakes, material swatches, colour swatches, a picture of your flowers then take these or you can even do some little sketches to bring along (doesn’t matter if they are not great!).


When booking your consultation, ask your cake supplier to provide some cake samples at your meeting so that you can try the cakes. Also, read some testimonials from past couples – they should be able to supply some for you upon request. Once you have found a cake designer that you like and you have decided on a bespoke design it is vital to get the cake designer to sketch the design out and label it with the colours, flavours, embellishment details and sizes etc so that you can check that it is what you really want.


Remember, what is in your head and the designers head maybe very different and unless you get a sketch drawn you will never know whether you are both thinking along the same lines.


If you would like any further information about our wedding cakes please complete our contact form or pop into our sugar craft shop situated on knowle’s high street, Solihull or call us on 01564 774 223.


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Wedding Cake Budgeting

Sticking to the big day budget can be exhausting and difficult and in this months Your West Midlands Wedding magazine we were asked to answer the big question in the Hot Topic experts advice section.


Q . My fiance and I are working to a tight budget with our catering, so would like to serve our wedding cake as the desert. We want it to look and taste like a final course though, rather than a plain piece of cake. What might fit the bill?


Sugarbliss Cake Company’s Answer :-


Your wedding cake designer should be able to recommend a number of different flavours, some of which are more suitable for a dessert than others. You could try a rich chocolate cake served with fresh strawberries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or perhaps a refreshing lemon curd cake served with raspberry coulis and a drizzle of fresh cream.


Whatever you decide, remember the cake will need to be taken away well in advance of the dessert for the caterers to cut up into pieces. This might mean your cake will only be on show at the reception for a short amount of time, so you might want to consider having a smaller or fake cake for display purposes only, with the cutting cakes or cakes in the kitchen.


Another lovely option is to have individual cakes on each table. A 10 inch cake beautifully decorated with flowers could work well as an alternative centre piece. When the time comes for dessert, the caterers could then bring bowls of strawberries and jugs of cream to go with the cake.

Wedding Cake Fever

Well, the wedding season is in full swing and we are extremely busy creating some fantastic wedding cakes for this week. We always love creating new designs but one of our most favorite and fun cake designs is our renowned wedding graffiti cake. The cake is so inspirational and such a talking point at any occasion as the whole cake is completely personalised to the clients own tastes. This week is no exception with us being asked by one of our London interior designer clients to create a Birthday Graffiti Cake with our delicious Red Velvet Cake Recipe. I am sure you will agree the cake just looks fantastic and will surely be a talking point, especially when the guests see and taste our wonderful red velvet sponge cake.





Red Velvet Cake Flavour

We have just added a new Cake Flavour to our deliciously moist Cake Flavour List. Our new Red Velvet Cake recipe is a cake that can stop traffic and has quickly become one of our most popular cake flavours. The sponge is a beautiful deep red. The colour becomes even more eye-catching set against layers of ivory butter cream and icing.

The cake flavour is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla and our customers are just loving it! Our Red Velvet cake is a definite surprise and talking point for all your guests and at any special celebration!

Red Velvet Cake is not commonly found among cake bakers and designers in the UK as it tends to be a difficult sponge to get right – Here at SugarBliss Cake Company we have taken much time and patience to get the flavour and the colour to both taste and look fantastic and is now available to all our customers.

Call us to order your sample box……