Chocolate Birthday Drip Cakes

Chocolate Birthday Drip Cakes


choholate-drip-cakeSimply Choose your favourite chocolates, sweets, macaroons or biscuits to add a truely personalised touch for your special celebration.

We can even create a special number or birthday cake topper to really make your birthday cake stunning.
Our Birthday Drip cakes are available in all our freshly baked delicious flavours and fillings as well as, in our Vagan and Eggless cake flavours.
If you would like further information about our birthday cakes, please contact us

Personalised Birthday Cakes

birthday cakes solihullFrom book cakes, guitar cakes to vodka birthday cakes and delicious chocolate drip cakes at sugarbliss cake company we can create that special personalised celebration cake for you.

On our website, you can find out about all our amazing cake designs, cake decorating courses and much more! We also specialise in eggless, vegan, alcohol free, Sugarfree and gluten free cakes, all freshly baked in our ‘Cakery’


Formore information about our personalised wedding cakes and personalised birthday cakes please contact us

Designer Birthday Cakes For Her

Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 10.19.36Designer Birthday Cakes For Her


If you would like us to create a Birthday Cake that is personal and completely different for your special occasion, please contact us


From Designer 3D Handbags Cakes, Fashion Box Cakes to designer shoe cakes & designer Make up Cakes, Our Designer Birthday Cakes are all available in our delicious Cake flavours and fillings as well as, available in our Vegan, eglless And gluten free Flavours.