Wedding Cake Collection 2014

We have some wonderful new products just arrived in our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating shop. The new Cake / palette knife are absolutely brilliant and make cutting and lifting cakes a whole lot more easier. we also have a new range of birthday candles to adorn your perfect celebration cake. Some of the new candle range includes Balloon candles, Cupcake candles, Gold heart candles, Gold And Silver Star candles. We also have a complete colour range of sugar pearls in various sizes ideal to decorate cupcakes, wedding cakes and celebration cakes.


We will be exhibiting our new Wedding Cake Collection at The Village Hotel, Solihull on 22nd March 2014 from 11am to 3pm. At the show we will be exhibiting our new wedding cake collection for 2014-2015 and in particularly our new crystal wedding cake designs. We have been hard at work creating the crystal lite stands and our wedding cake designs which will truly adorn our stunning crystal wedding cake stands.


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Ginger Bread House Set

ginger-bread-house-setWe are really excited with our new, recently arrived cake decorating tools and equipment for Christmas.


We have had great fun trying out some new products from Kitchen Craft and one in particularly caught our attention. The gingerbread house set is absolutely ideal for creating gifts for this Christmas.


This set makes an impressive baking statement without tearing your hair out. With the seven cutters, step by step guide and recipe included in the pack, it is easy to create the gingerbread house, complete with tree and little person in the garden.


cake-decoration-toolsBeautifully packaged in a house shaped gift box, the set also makes a perfect present at any time of year.


Part of our Sugarbliss Sweetly Does It range, our extensive sugarcraft collection that offers everything you need for cake making, decorating, presentation and serving.


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Cake Decorating Supplies

One of the most fun cake decorating tools recently arrived are some roller boards. These fantastic tools are used to quickly and perfectly create marzipan fruits such as, lemons, limes. plums, apples, pears etc ideal to add fruit decorations to a wedding cake or celebration cake.


We are very excited with our new collection of jam and preserve making equipment, sets and accessories. We have a wide choice of essential items for either the novice or experienced cook in the art of preserving. The range includes sieves, straining kits, spice bags, maslin pans, funnels, jars, lids, covers, and labels. From preparation to bottling and storage, the Home Made range includes everything you need to make traditional home made jams, chutneys, and pickles.

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Wedding Cake Show Stoppers

wedding cake designsWe had a fantastic weekend, meeting so many brides to be at the East Meets West Bridal Show held at the excellent Aston Villa Football Park. There were so many different and inspiring exhibitors and the bridal fashion show was so vibrant and absolutely stunning.


It was wonderful to be showcasing just a few of our new wedding cake designs for 2013 and for the brides & grooms to sample some of our new cake flavours and fillings.


Don’t forget to look out in next month’s Your Wedding Cake magazine to see if you are the lucky winner of our wedding cake competition 2013.

Signature eight-tier Cascading Rose design
Water Fountain bespoke wedding cake design


Some new cake making and decorating products have just arrived at our Cake Decorating shop. One of our favouites is the Sweetly Does It Silicone Cake Pop Mould.


This ultra flexible, silicone mould makes baking cake pops a piece of cake! Made from silicone, the mould is non-stick for easy release, as well as heat resistant to 260°C (500°F). and makes twenty perfectly round cake pops. Simply decorate with wilton candy melts and sprinkle some coloured sugars on top.


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Sugarbliss Cake Craft Company

Just to let you all know our Christmas and New Year Opening Times for all those last minute cake decorations and cake decorating gifts!


24th December 10am-3pm, 25th, 26th, 27th & 28th December Closed, 29th & 30th December 10am-3pm, 31st December Closed, 1st-3rd Closed, 4th January 2013 Open As Usual.


Don’t forget on 28th January 2013 our on line shop will be up and running for you to browse our vast range of cake decorations and cake decorating equipment. You will be able to order online and either collect from our craft shop in Knowle, Solihull or have your items delivered to you directly.


Our online shop offers a complete range of cake decorations and cake decorating equipment from decorating tools, icing, cutters, food colours, boxes, ribbons, ingredients, bakeware, moulds and cake decorations.  In fact, everything for the cake decorator from beginner to professional to make their very own delicious cakes every time and at great prices!


Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From All Of Us At Sugarbliss Cake Craft Company.


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Christmas Cake Decorations

We had great fun last Monday night when we were asked to give a talk and a cake decorating demonstration to St Philip’s and St James’ Ladies Fellowship of knowle, Solihull. During our demonstration, we were able to show and give tips to our captive audience about rolling sugar paste icing. We then went on to create a Christmas teddy bear, a Christmas Tree, using star cutters and a rose. All was enjoyed, especially when it came to refreshments, where one of our delicious celebration cakes quickly became the focus of everyone’s attention!


We offer a large selection of edible and non edible Christmas-cake decorations. From traditional Christmas trees, holly and mottos to Santa and snowmen cake toppers. Our edible Christmas sugar cake decorations are the perfect way to finish off small cakes, cupcakes or cookies. We also have Christmas cake tins, moulds, cake boards, cake boxes, Christmas gift sets, edible glitters, Christmas ribbon and ingredients.


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Christmas Cake Decorations

With the wedding season finally slowing down and with only a hand full of Christmas wedding cakes left to create, we are turning our attention to our Christmas cake orders and the many new, fabulous cake decorations and cake decorating equipment which have just arrived at our Sugarbliss Cake Craft shop.


Christmas Shopping

We are very excited about the newly arrived range of cake decorating and bakeware equipment from Kitchen Craft. Focusing on the ongoing passion for cake making and decorating, Kitchen Craft’s very own sugarcraft collection, ‘Sweetly Does It’, has been extended, adding to the selection of cake cases, wraps, boards, stands, piping bags, nozzle sets and other cake making accessories. This range, together with a vast assortment of bakeware and other related items from Kitchen Craft, provide all the essentials for baking and cake decorating, from start to finish.


We particularly like the macaroon baking set by the ‘Sweetly Does It’ range. It comes complete with a sixty-four page recipe book and “How to” guide to give you plenty of inspiration. The perfect gift for any keen baker, this trendy gift set comprises of a silicone spatula, a stainless steel icing nozzle, a palette knife and whisk, a nylon icing bag and a silicone forty hole macaroon baking mat.


If you are looking at cake equipment we are sure you will be able to find exactly what you want! With Cupcakes still so popular, we have several cupcake decorating sets to get you going and a twenty four cupcake courier which is an easy and convenient way to transport your cupcakes safely to their destination. We also have a selection of children’s baking sets, cutters and decorations for them to create their very own cake master piece!


We also have beautiful range of cake decorating books to teach and inspire which are always popular for beginners and experienced cake decorators.


Christmas Decorations

We have a wonderful choice of edible and non edible Christmas cake decorations to complete your Christmas cakes or Christmas cupcakes, and a great range of glitter dusts, in all colours, bright and pastel shades, to add a sparkling finish to your Christmas cake decorations.Visit Sugarbliss Cake Craft Company and have a look at the many great ideas for anyone who is keen on cake decorating or place an order for one of our stunning Christmas cakes to celebrate your Christmas in style! 


Monday to Friday 9.30am-5.30pm, Saturday 9.30am-5pm & Christmas Late Night Shopping Wednesday till 6pm


Sugarbliss Cake Craft Company specialises in cake decorations and cake decorating supplies including cake boards, cake boxes, cake decorating equipment, baking tins, ingredients and cake toppers and everything you might need for decorating cakes.

A Passion For Cake Making And Decorating

Beginners Essential Cake Equipment Guide

In our Cake Craft And Cake Decorating Shop we are frequently asked about what products are best required to begin cake baking and cake decorating? Whether you will be creating a celebration cake or a wedding cake having the correct equipment is essential.


Baking Tins - Having a small selection but high quality baking tins is a good starting point. The most commonly used tins are  6” 8” 10”  round and square. Depending on their use these tins can be purchased in 3 inch or 4 inch deep sizes.


Cake leveller - A good sized cake levelling knife 20” or a actual cake leveller is ideal for slicing and cutting cakes straight.


Palette knives - Useful for spreading jam and buttercream and trimming sugar paste. A long bladed straight and short bladed cranked knife are the most useful.


Non Rolling pins  – The non stick smooth design is perfect for rolling out icing to cover cakes and the non stick surface makes handling large pieces of sugar paste easy. A 20”and  9” are the most useful and practical sizes.


Smoother(s) – Smooths sugar paste to a beautiful flawless surface. A rounded base edge prevents marking the icing and the square back helps to create a clean angle between sides and base.


Icing tubes (nozzles) and bags – a basic writing tube and star tube are a must.  When choosing a bag for piping royal icing, either silicone, greaseproof or a nylon piping bag with an adaptor is perfect.


Tools – a pair of fine bladed scissors, a double ended cutting tool and a sugarcraft  knife are the most useful and  further cake craft tools can be added at a later date.


Good quality brushes -Round and flat for painting and dusting.


Selection of basic concentrated  paste (gel) colours  – can be mixed just like paints to create further colours.


Selection of basic cutters - Available in metal or plastic, there is a huge range available and can be collected as you go. A round, rose petal and leaf,  ivy leaf,  blossom and other shapes such as heart, star cutters are very useful.


Mixing Bowl – A large bowl is essential for mixing cake and icing mixtures.


Paintbrushes – You need a medium brush for sticking models and a fine brush for painting detail.


Spatula – Used for getting cake mixture and icing out of bowls.


Tape Measure – Used for measuring boards, cakes and ribbon.


Additional Equipment


Marzipan spacers   -   to ensure an even thickness when rolling out marzipan and sugarpaste.


Cake lifter  -  for easy lifting of larger cakes.


Bake even strips  -  To assist even baking of the cake, and prevent the outside from overcooking.


Cake thermometer  –  To test the cake on removal from the oven.


Sugar sifter  –  Convenient way to dispense icing sugar when rolling out sugarpaste.


Turntable  -  Not essential but does make cake decorating easier.


Crimpers  –  A quick and easy way to add decoration to a sugarpasted cake.


Icing ruler  –  For smoothing across the top of royal iced cakes.


Side scraper  –  For smoothing around the side of a royal iced cake.


Alphabet cutters  –  An easy way to create lettering if you are not confident with piping skills.


Number cutters  –  An easy way to create numbers if you are not confident with piping skills.


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Cake Courses 2012 & 2013

Please find listed below our new cake course schedules for 2012 & 2013. We will be adding shortly further course dates for our advanced decorating classes, 1 day & 3 day workshops and individual speciality classes. All our classes are held at our cake craft shop studio, 1707 High Street Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands B93 0LN. 

If you would like to book a place or find our further information about our cake courses please call or pop in to our shop.


Cake Class Courses & Dates


Beginners Cake Course                 9th October 2012 ( For 6 weeks, 7pm-9pm )  Cost £90
Beginners Cake Course                 8th January 2013 ( For 6 weeks, 7pm-9pm )  Cost £90
Beginners Cake Course                 5th March 2013 ( For 6 weeks, 7pm-9pm )  Cost £90
Beginners Cake Course                 7th May 2013 ( For 6 weeks, 7pm-9pm )  Cost £90
Beginners Cake Course                10th September 2013 ( For 6 weeks, 7pm-9pm )  Cost £90

Intermediate Cake Course           12th February 2013 (For 4 weeks 7pm-9pm ) Cost £90
Intermediate Cake Course           4th June 2013 (For 4 weeks 7pm-9pm ) Cost £90

3 Tier Wedding Cake                  12th February 2013 (For 6 weeks 7pm-9pm ) Cost £155
Christmas Celebration cake         26th November 2012 (For 2 weeks 7pm-9pm ) Cost £48
Children’s Christmas Cupcakes    18th December 2012  (For 2hrs  4.30pm-6.30pm ) Cost £15

Modelling Course                        4th February 2013 (For 4 weeks 7pm-9pm ) Cost £55

Sugarflower Course                    17th January 2013 ( For 4 weeks 7pm-9pm) Cost £75

Sugarflower Course                    12th September 2013 ( For 4 weeks 7pm-9pm) Cost £75

Royal Icing Skills                        9th January 2013 (For 4 weeks 7pm-9pm) Cost £65

1 Day Courses

Novelty Cake Course                  Novelty Hand Bag 13th Dec 2012 (10.30am-2.30pm) Cost £35

Novelty Cake Course                  Novelty Hand Bag 17th January 2013 (10.30am-2.30pm) Cost £35

Novelty Cake Course                  Novelty Valentines 12th Feb 2013 (10.30am-2.30pm) Cost £35

Novelty Cake Course                  Novelty Birthday 20th Feb 2013 (10.30am-2.30pm) Cost £35




In this 4 week floral workshop course, students will learn how to make a number of beautiful sugar flowers, including the over-sized Open Peony (with stamens) and stunning open roses. Other flowers such as gerberas, sweet peas and hydrangea will be created. Corresponding buds and leaves will also be covered where appropriate. During the course, students will use modelling techniques to make flower centers, and then use cutters, veiners and specific techniques to create buds, leaves, and the many wired petals needed to form their large blooms. Once all of the components are dry, students will also learn colouring and dusting techniques, as well as taping, assembling, and finishing touches to complete their flowers.

sugarcraft flower course


Learning outcomes:
Modeling flower centers and using stamens
Creating buds using layers of petals
Creating leaves
Creating wired petals
Dusting and coloring techniques
Coloring and glazing leaves
Taping and assembling large flowers
Favorite finishing touches


Wednesday & Thursday  2 hours per evening for 4 weeks running 7pm -9pm 


To book your course please contact SugarBliss Cake Company on 01564 774 223 or email us at




This is a six week course. During this course, SugarBliss will be showing you the tricks of the trade. These will enable you to build up your own repertoire of decorations that can be applied to so many cake designs.  The six week course will include how to cover cakes in marzipan and icing, hand piping, hand moulding, the use of cutters to get dramatic effects, hand painting and finally ribbon techniques.


Tuesdays  7pm-9pm. Total Cost £90


To book your course please contact SugarBliss Cake Company on 01564 774 223 or email us at



childrens cake classes


Children’s cake classes – here we will teach simple cupcake icing techniques and demonstrate basic sugarpaste modelling to make decorations for cakes. We’ll provide 4 already baked chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and be on hand to help throughout the class. Many already made icings and sprinkles will be available to ensure each cake is different than the previous one to take home in a box. The children’s cupcake decorating classes are 1.5 hours long and we will teach the whole decorating process from start to finish SugarBliss style. All ingredients and materials are supplied by sugarbliss Cake Company for the childrens class.
Cost £15 (2 hour Class.)




This is a 4 week course for improving your piping skills for example shells, scrolls, overpiping, writing to name just a few of the fanastic techniques you will be working on and learning during this very popular decorating course.




This is a 4 week course in sugarpaste modelling which includes creating various modelling figures from characters, animals to shoes and handbags.




In our 3 tier weding cake course you can design and decorate your own 3 tier wedding cake or simply just learn all the skills required to design and decorate a 3 tier wedding cake. If you want to you can bring along your own fruit cakes sizes 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch or you can work on dummies to create a 3 tiered wedding cake. This intensive course will teach you all the skills required including cake levelling, marzipan covering, sugarpaste, decorative design work and many more skills to create your own fabulous wedding cake and a stunning centre piece for any wedding reception.


All ingredients and additional equipment can be purchased from our sugar craft and decorating shop at a discounted rate during your course.


To book your course please contact SugarBliss Cake Company on 01564 774 223 or email us at


On booking the course, we will send through more details about each weeks class. We provide general equipment for all of our classes but edibles must be brought to class by yourselves i.e.  cakes, sugar paste, marzipan and flower paste.  You will also need to bring boards, boxes, ribbons and dowels.  A list will be given for each weeks class requirements at the beginning of the course so that you can prepare.  Everything needed can be pre-ordered at our shop (5% discount will be applied) and it can all be ready for you at the start of your class if this is easier for you. Freshly baked Victoria Sponge cakes can also be pre-ordered for use at our classes if you don’t feel like baking them yourself!





Welcome to Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Classes, where nyree regular hosts classes throughout the year for Kids and beginners who want to learn the basic skills of cake decoration, to advanced classes for those who want to enhance and learn new skills in cake decoration. At Sugarbliss we have classes which cater for all skill levels that will enhance and inspire you.


Following requests over the years to Sugarbliss Cake Company for cake classes, we have created project-based classes to suit a variety of proficiency levels, from those wishing to start a career in cakes, to those looking for a fun and enriching day out.


Classes are led throughout the year by Nyree and students can enroll in an intimate three day ‘Professional Tiered Wedding Cake’ master class and learn how to ice the perfect cake, securely stack and assemble tiers and pipe exquisite spring flowers, or may prefer to take a fun one day ‘Couture Cookies’ class with friends or colleagues and create their own chic collection of iced cookie treats to take home. Our evening 1-2 hour classes are designed for those who can not join a project led class. 


At Sugarbliss we have a class to suit everyone. To find out more about our cake classes, schedule or to enroll on our next course date please contact us on 01564 774 223 or complete the contact form here.



Cake Decorating

Decorating a celebration cake or wedding cake is a truly rewarding, fulfilling and creative past time and profession. But even for a professional cake decorator it can be hard to know where to exactly start and for the beginner even more mind boggling. 

As experienced cake designers and specialists in cake decoration supplies, Sugarbliss Cake Company have everything you might need for you next cake decorating project, from practical advise, useful information, inspirational tips, fabulous ideas, cake making and decorating equipment such as, Cake Tins to purchase or hire, Cake Boards and Cake Boxes to Ingredients and fabulous Cake Decorations.

If you are going to be decorating a cake for a child’s or friend’s birthday party, a family christening or a cake for a wedding, our ever-expanding range of Cake Decorations, Ingredients, Tools and Equipment will help you create the perfect centre piece for your special occasion.

At Sugarbliss Cake and Cake Decorating Shop we have an extensive selection of readymade cake decorations and cake toppers for all interests, whether you are looking for Animals, Barbie, Disney Characters, Hello Kitty or something in Sports & DIY, our range covers most popular hobbies and pastimes, from gardening, fishing, golf, football and shopping. We also have added a great selection of seasonal cake decorations for Halloween and Christmas.

If you are looking for something a bit more personal we also print edible pictures onto icing sheets. We also have a hugh range of edible sugar decorations, Plaques, Flowers and Leaves. Or why not add some sparkling Edible Gems or a beautiful flower spray decoration to enhance your cake project.

With a large range of Glitters & Sprinkles, consisting of flakes, sequins, dust, sprays, sugar pearls, jelly slices and sugar crystals that are completely safe, easy to use and a fantastic way to decorate any cake. We also supply a excellent range of Cake Candles & Holders, printed napkins and cake frills plus assorted Mottoes, Numbers & Letters to personalise your cake.

Here at Sugarbliss Cake Craft we are sure that our one-stop cake decorationing shop will give you plenty of ideas. Pop in and have a browse and see what inspirational ideas you can find for your next or existing cake project!

Loving Everything To Do With Cakes!