Wedding Cakes And Venues

It is always exciting to complete a beautiful wedding cake design and even more exhilarating when the wedding cake is set up at the chosen venue. It is so important for a wedding cake designer to consider the venue when designing a cake in order to ensure the wedding cake is the centre piece of the reception. Every now and then, the venue is just so wonderfully it makes designing the cake absolute bliss!


One such wedding venue is the incredible stunning Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel. The 16th century hall has been recently restored and developed into an absolutely splendid hotel. The hotel invites you to indulge in its fabulous surrounding and is set within 10 acres of glorious walled gardens.


Only just open as a wedding venue we are sure we will be regularly visiting this fine wedding and hotel venue.


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Cake Decorating Supplies

One of the most fun cake decorating tools recently arrived are some roller boards. These fantastic tools are used to quickly and perfectly create marzipan fruits such as, lemons, limes. plums, apples, pears etc ideal to add fruit decorations to a wedding cake or celebration cake.


We are very excited with our new collection of jam and preserve making equipment, sets and accessories. We have a wide choice of essential items for either the novice or experienced cook in the art of preserving. The range includes sieves, straining kits, spice bags, maslin pans, funnels, jars, lids, covers, and labels. From preparation to bottling and storage, the Home Made range includes everything you need to make traditional home made jams, chutneys, and pickles.

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Wedding Cake Milk Glass Stands

It is always exciting when new cake decorating and presentation products arrive in our cake decorating shop, especially when the products can really make a wedding cake or celebration cake stand out even more at any special occasion reception.


pink-milk-glass-cake-stand-10-inchWe are delighted to be stocking these lovely American Milk Glass Cake Stands. This style of cake stand has become very popular to display wedding cakes on and are beautifully made and weighted. These pedestal glass cake stands can support considerable weight making them perfect for use as wedding cake stands. They can simply make cakes look gorgeous!


We stock a variety of colours including pink glass cake stands, black glass cake stands and green glass cake stands and white glass cake stand, available to hire or purchase.


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Cake Decorating Supplies-Sugarpaste

Last week we had the opportunity to try out our new range of sugarpastes from culpitt and Squires, which are now available in our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Shop, Knowle, Solihull.


During our last wedding cake class and our beginners cake decorating course, our Sugarbliss cake decorating students were persuaded to try out our new sugarpastes. We all agreed both of the pastes were excellent both in texture and ease of use.


We particularly liked the bridal white and vintage ivory by Squires as the colours are perfect for any wedding cake. There is always an element of personal preference with any sugar paste but both these pastes are available in a range of sizes from 250g to 5kg and a comprehensive colour range. They are smooth and very easy to use for decorating your cakes, cupcakes and cookies.


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