Colourful Baking Ideas

food-colouringOur range of stunning Paste Food Colours are suitable for painting and colouring sugarpaste, marzipan, flower paste, pastillage, buttercream and pastry or any food that you would like to brighten for a special occasion.


All our paste colours are glycerine-free and therefore suitable for run-outs and sugar flower work, where complete drying is essential. Our professional paste colours will not alter the consistency of the sugar paste icing as a liquid food colour can. They are fully mixable, so you can mix different colours to achieve your exact shade of colour.


Whether you are creating a vibrant rainbow wedding cake, red velvet cupcakes or a vibrant birthday cake, we’ve got everything you need to add a wonderful explosion of colour into your wedding cakes, birthday cakes or cupcakes.



food-colouring-gel-rainbowRainbow cakes are a great way to use lots of bright food colouring paste gels and are always a huge talking point when your cake is cut in to slices!  When making bright layers of sponge our Colour gels are very highly concentrated and bring out a very strong clear colour when added to your cake mix.


All our range of food colouring pastes and gels are available to order from our cake decorating shop, knowle, Solihull.






Eggless Cake Mix

Eggless Cake Mix.eggless-cake-mix


We now have available our delicious Eggless cake mix from our cake decorating shop, Knowle, Solihull or simply order from our online cake decorating supplies shop which now offers a next day delivery.


Our Eggless cake mix is available available in 500g,1kg, 3kg and 5kg just simply add oil and water to create delicious egg free wedding cakes or egg free birthday cakes.


Our Eggless cake mix is a great addition to our range of cake mixes.  These easy to use sponge cake mixes, are versatile and tolerant to a wide range of baking conditions. You can use them for baking large egg less wedding cakes, celebration cakes, novelty shapes, cupcakes or muffins.


We also have Chocolate, vanilla, carrot, ginger, toffee and madeira cake mixes available in 500g.

Edible food pens

Edible food pens


Our range of Edible food pens are filled with edible ink. The Pens have a standard pen style 2.5mm nib which can be used for standard work and a fine 0.5mm nib for the fine Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 16.18.12detail such as adding facial features and intricate details to sugar flowers. These quick drying Edible food pens, are suitable for vegetarians, Kosher, and Halal.


Our Edible food pens are available in 23 vibrant colours, are quick drying  and are unique against most other edible food pens as these pens are double sided. The opposite end of the pen  has a 2.5 mm thicker nib is suitable for creating messages and pictures on icing.


The Edible food pens are easy to use for the novice and professional cake decorator and are brilliant for children to use and get involved in cake decorating. They can be used on iced cookies and designs can be embossed onto sugar paste or flower paste using any shape cutter or detailed plastic embossers, leave to dry for at least 24 hours then your piece can be coloured in using the Edible food pens.


We have available the complete range of edible food pen colours at our cake decorating and supplies shop, Solihull, West Midlands

Rainbow Dust Cake glitters

Rainbow Dust glitters


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 16.47.03

Rainbow Dust glitters non-toxic range comprises of deep, strong colours with sparkling highlights. This extra fine decorative glitter is non-toxic and suitable for food contact.



Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 16.43.42This Rainbow Dust glitter is a really easy way to add a glamorous sparkle to your sugarcraft creations, simply sprinkle on the item or, for a more fixed finish, coat the item with edible glue before you sprinkle. The results are stunning!



Rainbow Dust glitter Colours are one of the only companies to be able to supply a non-toxic glitter for use on cake decorations that complies with the FSA guidelines for “Food-Contact” Glitters.



They are the brightest colours on the market and bounce light off their surface to great effect! We have over 70 colours within our range and they have a magnitude of uses within cake decorating.

The most common use for the Sparkle Range glitters is to apply them to sugar shapes (eg: sugar hearts) for use on cake top or cupcake decorations. They are also very popular as a decorative trimming on sugar flowers and even adding a dazzling sparkle to a cakeboard. These are just a few examples but cake decorating community uses these glitters to great effect in a wide variety of ways. All of the Rainbow Dust glitters are available from our online website as well as in store.



Black and White Handbag Cake

black-white-handbag-cakeBlack and White Handbag Cake.



We love creating handbag cakes and one of our recent hand bag cake creations reminded us how much fun and how great these designer cakes look.


This Black and White Striped handbag cake was created from our delicious chocolate sponge cake recipe and filled with multi layers of chocolate butter cream.


Our Black and White handbag cake is life size and supported using plastic cake dowels. The handbag cake was covered using white sugarpaste icing. Tylo powder was added to black sugarpaste icing and rolled to 3mm thickness and cut into 18mm stripes.


The black stripes were added to the cake and using a stainless steel icing ruler to ensure each stripe was perfectly straight. Then using a stitching modelling tool detail was added to the edges of the handbag cake. A letter press tool was used to create the effect of embossed writing.


Finally, the handbag handles were created using florist wire with black florist paste icing and rolled in to the correct shape.


All the products used to create our black and white handbag cake are available from our cake decorating shop, Solihull, West midlands or why not simply order from our online cake decorating shop.


Stainless Steel Icing Ruler

icing-stainless-steel-rulerStainless Steel Ruler



As the very first PME cake decorating product, this Precision Machined and Engineered tool really set the blue print for the future of PME. Designed and developed for the British Army in the early 1970s to ensure that coating the top of a cake with Royal Icing, Buttercream or cream was as perfect as possible. This product then defined the standard of quality that has always been associated with all PME products.


Polished Stainless Steel Icing – PME – Measures 16″ (40.5cm)  long x 1″ (25mm) wide. This icing ruler creates a perfect, smooth finish to the top of your cake when royal icing. Use the ruler at an angle to draw across the top of the cake from back to front to create a smooth surface.


This product is available from our cake decorating shop, Solihull, West midlands or why not simply order from our online cake decorating shop.


12″ Cake Leveller by PME

12″ Cake Leveller by PME



IScreen Shot 2016-03-16 at 16.19.56t’s probably fair to say that we have all experienced uneven layers of cake when somehow the knife doesn’t quite cut the cake as level as we thought it should.


Following intensive research, a special intertwined wire that works in a similar way to a serrated knife was selected, creating a leveller that does a great job and is easy to use. By using the 12″ Cake leveller you will be able to complete a perfectly level cut cake.


Ideal for evenly layering out your wedding cakes and birthday cakes.


We also sell the 18″ Cake leveller as well as the 12″ Cake Leveller. Both are available from our cake decorating shop, Solihull, West midlands or why not simply order from our online cake decorating shop.

Diamante Crystal Lace Wedding cake

diamante-crystal-wedding-cakeDiamante Crystal Lace Wedding Cake

Our Diamante Crystal Lace Wedding cake was created from our delicious vanilla, lemon and chocolate recipes and looked lovely, over looking the golf course at The Belfry Hotel, Sutton Coldfield.
One side of this beautiful Wedding Cake was laced with using royal icing and the other finished in diamante pearl drops with a diamante trim edging on the nearest corner. Fresh flowers were used to adorn the wedding cake which sat upon our crystal droplet wedding cake stand.

Cake Smoother Polisher

Cake Smoother Polisher



Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 16.41.54It was over 30 years ago that in the UK Sugarpaste really started to grow in popularity and the secret of a successfully coated cake had to be a Smoother Polisher. A simple but effective tool that if truth be known until tried was difficult to believe that it really could make a difference and then to discover that using two Smoothers – one in each hand was pure magic and really was the icing on the cake!


This light and easy tool is perfect for smoothing cakes for the perfect finishing touch to make your cake look phenomenal. Whether you are creating a wedding cake or a birthday cake, having a good quality smoother is a must in order to create a professional smooth and uniformed finish.


We sell a variety of Smoother Polishers that are all available from our cake decorating shop, Solihull, West midlands or why not simply order from our online cake decorating shop. With a fast delivery service and a click and collect option.