New – Renshaw Ready Made Royal Icing

ready-made-royal-icingRenshaw Ready Made Royal Icing


This easy and versatile ready made Royal Icing by Renshaw, is now available from our cake decorating shop, Knowle, Solihull, or why not order from our online cake decorating shop which is fast and easy.


This new product by Renshaw is a fantastic alternative to the powdered type royal icing mixes as it is already made. Whether you are crafting a show stopping wedding cake, a special birthday cake or just simply want to add writing on to you celebration cake – Renshaw royal icing makes it definitely much easier!


Royal icing is a traditional icing product used to coat wedding cakes and celebration cakes to preserve them and is also sued to add finer detail giving a professional finish.


Packed in a convenient resealable tub, this icing is perfect for adding that extra WOW to all your celebration cakes.


Use straight from the tub! Simply open, stir, half fill your piping bag and you are ready to decorate!

Ribbon Cutter by Wilton

822715-500x500Our Ribbon Cutter (by Wilton) is available in our cake decorating store located in Knowle High Street, Solihull or on our online cake decorating shop. It includes three 1 inch spacers; three half inch spacers; three quarter inch spacers; four straight cutting wheels; four wavy cutting wheels; two locks; four zigzag cutting wheels and a roller handle with easy button release.


The Wilton Ribbon Cutter enables you to cut a variety of ribbon widths and designs in fondant and gum paste with ease. Combine spacers and blades in customizable combinations which can be used to make the perfect ribbons, beautiful bows, border trims, striped designs and linear accents ideal for wedding cakes and birthday cakes.

Silver-Gold Cake Board Foil Covering sheets

Silver-Gold Cake Board Foil Covering sheetssilver-cake-board-covering


Our Silver and Gold Cake Board covering is available from our cake decorating shop, Soilhull or from our Cake decorating online shop and is a great alternative method to standard cake boards. It is made from a high quality, food certified silver or gold foil, which means it can be easily folded and stored, allowing you to use this in a pinch!


Our paper cake decorating products includes packs of shiny gold or silver foil to cover your cake drums and boards. Each sheet measures -735 x 915mm (29×36″) and is ideal for recovering cake boards for wedding cakes or celebration cakes or for covering your own specialised sized cake drums.


These foil Cake Board covering is an alternative method to standard cake boards. It is made from a high quality, food certified silver foil, which means it can be easily folded and stored, allowing you to use this in a pinch!


gold-cake-board-covering-foilYou can use this foil to cover existing cake boards. This can range from cake boards that have already been used, which you can recover to give a fresh new look, or use on a different colour board to give it a silver finish. This foil is textured and will give your board a patterned finish.


This foil is a great choice over regular boards, as it allows you to reuse boards you already have, and breathe life into them! You no longer have to keep different sizes of different coloured boards.


Sold in single sheets or in packs of 5.

Summer Wedding Cakes!

naked-wedding-cakes-flowersNaked Wedding Cakes by Sugarbliss Cake Company


We love creating these natural fresh wedding cakes.  This simple sponge cake allows you to mix and match a variety of exciting flavour combinations, to really create an impact – it’s no wonder it’s become one of the must have wedding cake this summer and is becoming popular as a summer birthday cake or a special celebration cake.


One of the advantages of the Naked Cake is its almost limitless creativity. Whether you decide to be prim and proper and have neat and tidy layers of buttercream and sponge or you go for a more rustic, just thrown together approach. Part of the cakes appeal is that it isn’t perfect and all of its imperfections are on show.


summer-wedding-cakesWith all the ingredients exposed to the elements, the sponge and all of its lovely fillings really need to be visually on point. When creating your own naked cake, think about what flavour combinations and colours that work well together. A few combinations which work particularly well together – are lemon sponge with lemon buttercream, chocolate sponge with caramel buttercream and vanilla sponge with a white chocolate ganache. We also create a range of eggless naked wedding cakes and gluten free wedding cakes.


Decorating your naked cake is all part of the fun and this is where you can really wild with accessorising. The deep colours of summer fruits is always a winner, as well as bright, vibrant flowers, but you could also try decorating with delicious chocolate or strawberry sauces or even icing cream!


eggless-wedding-cakes-sugarbliss-cake-coWe stock a range of easy to use high quality cake mixes in our cake decorating shop, Knowle, Solihull, from Vanilla sponge cake mix to our tasty Red Velvet cake sponge mix, as well as, everything you need create and decorate your very own delicious but effortless Naked Wedding Cake or Celebration Cake.


This naked wedding cake design was topped with gorgeous summer fruits and made from a delicious Eggless cake sponge.




Loving Everything To do With Naked Wedding Cakes!

Cake Sizing – How to increase Your Cake Mix

We are frequently asked in our cake decorating shop, Knowle, Solihull, about How much cake mix do I need to make a??? sized cake. This is more common when using different shaped novelty cake tins for themed birthday cakes or a bespoke wedding cake.


The following table should help with round and square shaped cakes.  For any other shape, fill your 8” round with water to the depth required, then tip that water into the shaped tin and you will be able to compare the quantities and adjust accordingly .


This table uses the 8” round tin as its base. Therefore a 12” round  (11” square) will require the base recipe to be multiplied by 2 ½ for example 200g will be increased to 500g.
If baking in a 4” square (5” round) use 1/3 of the base recipe, for example 200g will be reduced to 67g.


Round Square Multiples
4” 3” 1/4
5” 4” 1/3
6” 5” 1/2
7” 6” 3/4
8” 7” 1
9” 8” 1 ¼
10” 9” 1 ½
11” 10” 2
12” 11” 2 ½
13” 12” 3
14” 13” 3 ½

The Magic Of Frozen Cake Toppers

Disney Frozen sven FigurineWe have added many more new products to our cake decorations, cake decorating and cupcake supplies online shop as well as our cake decorating shop in, Knowle, Solihull. The frozen themed celebration cakes are still very popular and our new frozen characters with Sven and Kristoff joining our Elsa, Anna and Olaf frozen cake toppers, you can now create your very own frozen themed celebration cakes with ease!


Disney Frozen Kristoff FigurineYou can also simply create and add some snowflakes in various sizes using our snowflake cutter by PME and why not use some of our edible glitter to really create a magical frozen themed celebration cake. Our range of snowflake cutters are available in various sizes and are ideal for creating a winter themed wedding cake design.


Why not even create some white sugarpaste trees using various different sized star cutters. Simply choose the sizes, roll out some white sugarpaste icing, cut out two of every sized star and stack the stars on top of each other turning slightly at the same time. Then sprinkle some edible white glitter over the snow tree and place on to your frozen cake.


Loving Everything To Do With Cakes!