New 2017 Edible Cupcake Decorations

cake-decorations We have a great new range of fun and easy to use cake and cupcake decorations available now from our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating supplies shop, Solihull, West Midlands. Our new edible cake decorations include the popular sugar cake decorations from our ‘Baked With Love’ range.



Our Baked with Love collection includes a brand new range of edible and non-edible
products to our range this month, specially designed to maximise time in decorating your cupcakes, wedding cakes and birthday cakes. The range includes, edible eyes, cake bunting and sugar flowers, all presented in attractive packaging. These new recently added cake decorations are perfect for creating fun cupcakes, birthday cakes and wedding cakes this summer.

How To Stack A Wedding Cake

stacked-wedding-cakeHow to Build a Stacked Wedding Cake


A stacked wedding cake or birthday cake is a cake design where the cakes are positioned directly on top of each other, as opposed to using pillars or separators for supporting each tier. For any multi tiered cake, whether it is a wedding cake or celebration cake, this is a very popular method and design in creating a tiered cake.



For a sponge cake which is usually iced only, a board just slightly larger  would be used for the base of the cake.  This may however vary if your side or base decoration requires boards of a larger size, for example if you are adding sugarflower cake decorations around the base of the bottom tier.


If cakes are stacked a cake drum board is used at the base and usually each tier stacked on top of the base cake sits on either a thinner cake board or a thicker cake drum board which is the same size as the cake so that it is hidden when iced.


Choose a suitable size when making novelty bespoke wedding cakes, as there may be protruding ‘bits’ or inscriptions on the board which will require extra board space. There are many shapes of boards for this type of cake you can choose or you can maske your own and simple cover the cake board with silver cake foil paper.


Stacking your cake


Ice all the cakes and check they are level. (A small spirit level is useful for this purpose). Check that they have a neat finish around the base. Leave to set. The base cake is usually placed on the base board, with all  cakes on a cake board the same size as the cake.


Insert cake dowel rods, making sure they are positioned within the diameter of the cake above, but far enough apart to give support.  After placing the dowel into the iced cake, mark with a cake pen level with the surface of the cake, and remove. Cut the dowels ensuring they are all level and the same length, replace into cake.


Place a tiered cake (usually centrally, but may be offset) onto base cake, fixing with royal icing. Continue stacking in this way for multiple tiers.


What cake box should I use to transport the cake?


We stock a range of cake boxes at our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Supplies Shop, Soliohull, West Midlands. We also stock cake box extensions for taller or tiered cakes.


A 4 tier cake can be partly stacked i.e. 2 tiers and 2 tiers for stability or individually for boxed for complete safety.


It is also easier to carry if each tier is separately placed in a suitable cake box especially if each cake has detailed design work such as, lace or piping work around the wedding cake.




Great Tips For Making Your Own Wedding Cake

sugarbliss-wedding-cake-designersTips For Making Your Own Wedding Cake


Here at Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Supplies Shop, Solihull, we have everything you need, as well as, freiendly staff who love giving helpful tips and advise. Making your own wedding cake can seem a bit intimidating but, aside from being much more cost-effective, it can be a really rewarding experience and a great way to create something completely original while adding your own personal touch to your special day.


Creating your very own wedding cake doesn’t have to be a daunting task so we’ve put together our top tips for those brave brides-to-be who plan to make their own wedding cake for their big day.


Practise is absolutely crucial. Simply bake and decorate some test cakes before you come to make the real thing. If you plan on using our ready-made cakes or cake mix, then it’s a good idea to practise your decorating skills on a cake dummy. Another great tip is to always pipe some tests on a piece of baking paper to check the consistency of your icing is suitable for the piping tip you are using.


As all cake bakers will know, producing the perfect cake is all about timing. Make sure you are organised and prepared. While you may assume your cake will need to be made as close to the time as possible, freezing readymade cakes is a great way to save you time to decorate your cake. Partially frozen cakes are more effective when carving shapes than fresh bakes as the cake is less crumbly. Fruit cakes are a great flavour choice because they last a longer than sponge and can be baked in advance.


Being stocked up with high quality cake decorating equipment is essential. A good set of tools at your disposal can take a cake from good to great so it’s important you find the right ones. At Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Company we have a fantastic range of equipment to help you with your baking and decorating needs.



Serve up a mouth-watering cake while saving yourself precious time and energy with our delicious range of readymade cakes. Each of these utterly delicious cakes are available in a variety of different flavours, shapes and sizes to suit your needs, and are supplied with 2 layers ready for you to add your own filling to. These cakes are a particular hit with those that would rather devote their time and efforts to decorating and presenting a cake that not only looks amazing but tastes great too.


Cake dummies are great for practising your decorating skills on but they’re also fantastic for adding a cost-effective tier to wedding cakes. Cake dummies are perfect for adding extra height and drama to your creation without the need for cake overload. If you fancy the idea of a 5 tiered creation but don’t have the guests or budget to justify it then use a cake dummy as your bottom tier, decorating it in the same way as the rest of the cake so no-one will suspect a thing!


Along with the bridesmaid dresses and the venue decor, the cake should follow your overall theme for the day. If you’re baking for another bride-to-be, have a look at everything she has chosen for the day, from the flowers to the table centrepieces, and base your cake around that.


The type of sugar paste you use is all about personal preferences. Our sugar pastes have a very soft texture and can be applied to cakes very easily, making it the better option for beginners. Our Renshaw sugar paste is the most well-known brand of sugar paste in the UK. It has a firmer texture  but a larger selection of colours to choose from.


Depending on your guest list size and how generous you want your slices to be, you should sit down and work out the exact size you need your cake to be before you start baking. Our cake portion size chart is a great way to work out how to cater to your wedding’s needs. Each tier should measure the exact same height, too.

There’s nothing more special or memorable than serving your own wedding cake creation that has been baked with love!

Fresh Flowers And Wedding Cakes

fresh flower wedding cakeAt Sugarbliss Cake Company we regularly design wedding cakes to include fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are often used decorate wedding cakes and birthday cakes.  They can add a fresh and vibrant look to the cake, making it a focal point at any celebration.


There is one very important factor to consider if you wish to use fresh flowers – are they suitable?  Many are poisonous therefore must NOT be used directly on a cake.  Always check with a florist or other reliable source before going ahead.  A few of the more popular poisonous flowers are arum (calla) lilies, asparagus fern, bluebell, ivy, heelebore, iris and tulip.


Here are a few tips for using fresh flowers –


Check lists of edible non toxic flowers on the internet or consult with a florist.  Among the most popular edible flowers for cakes are roses, lavender, primroses, pansies, violets, chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers and hibiscus.


Check how they are grown.  The use of pesticides on many flowers makes them unsuitable for cakes.  They must have been grown organically, or come from a known source eg. home or farm grown with no pesticides or other chemicals being used.


Choose flowers to match the theme of the wedding or celebration.  If for a wedding this will be discussed with the bride well in advance!


Ways to use flowers on cakes –


Whole in arrangements, or wired and taped into a spray.   May be used as a divider between tiers – very popular for wedding cakes.


Use just the petals sprinkled around and over the cake (rose petals are popular).


Crystallised – a form of flower preservation for cakes and cupcakes (primroses and violets are popular in Spring).  Simply coat in egg white, dip in caster sugar and dry for several hours!


Place a barrier between the cake and flowers if possible, such as clear cellophane.


Wash gently, if possible before use under a slow running cold water tap.  This will ensure that any stray bugs, dirt etc will be removed.


Inserting stems into cakes – do not insert directly into a cake.  Place stems into plastic posy picks as a barrier between cake and stems.  Posy picks are available in many different sizes and are available from our cake decorating supplies shop, Solihull.


Add flowers as late as possible before the wedding or celebration commences to prevent wilting.  This can happen in hot weather, and if the flowers are directly on moist buttercream.


Fresh flowers are ideal for this style of cake, as they can be ‘squeezed’ into place with no gaps showing.  Sugar flowers are obviously delicate and cannot be manoeuvred like fresh flowers.


A standard size gap between the tiers is usually 1 ½” to 2”.  However this may vary depending on the flowers you are using.


How do you create the gap?


Polystyrene separators, round and square, 2″ deep are available, and are a perfect lightweight option for this job.  They come in many sizes and will spread the weight of the cake evenly, which ensures the assembled cake is stable.  A thin single or double thick cake card / board the same size as the separator should be placed underneath.  This will support the dowels.


Hidden or hollow pillars which fit down into the cake and may be cut to fit the height of the cake and gap required.  This option combines dowelling and separating the cakes all in one!


Ideal separator sizes for a wedding cake with 6” 8” 10” (12”) tiers would be 4” and 6”( 8”).  This will create sufficient room for the flowers and stems to be arranged around the separators.

Wedding Cake Designs & Styles 2017

With 2017 wedding cakes well underway, we thought we would spend a little time talking about the fantastic wedding cake trends for 2017.  Wedding cake trends change every year with a constant demand for new wedding cake designs and styles, colour schemes and personalised cake designs. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite wedding cake designs which we think will be all the rage for 2017 and to give brides, grooms some inspiration to help make their day extra special.




Last year was all about naked cakes but this year semi-naked cakes will be taking centre stage! Semi-naked wedding cakes have the same rustic appeal as its predecessor while still having the wow factor of a fully decorated cake. This semi-naked cake may be perfectly frosted but is also stripped back enough to let the layers peek through from underneath.


Mirror Glaze Wedding Cakes


If you loved the Great British Bake Off last year then you’re bound to recognise this hot trend for 2017! Mirror glaze cakes are super versatile and can be as extravagant or understated as you need. The high gloss finish looks beautiful as a standalone design but also complements extravagant decoration and bold colours perfectly too.


Floral Wedding Cakes


Floral cakes remain the most popular choice for wedding cakes, particularly those with a summer theme, nothing says summer like a variety of vibrant and elegant hydrangeas, peonies or sunflowers. While these flowers are traditionally the chosen centrepiece for floral cakes, there’s an endless amount of different flower styles and colours you can choose for your cake to make it really stand out.


Tall Wedding Cakes


Tall cakes with tier after tier are the perfect way to make an impression at any wedding reception. This towering cake style is perfect for brides looking to create something with a real wow factor! If your venue or guest list is on the large side then tall cakes are a fantastic way for making sure everybody gets a piece of your delicious cake.



Fresh fruit, bright flowers and seasonal colours make naked cakes one of the most desired choices for summer weddings. They’ve only become popular in the last few years but are sure to be showcased at weddings around the country.


painted-wedding-cakesPainted Wedding Cakes


Hand painted cakes are quite a difficult cake to create but are perfect for personalising your cake, emphasising the talent of the cake decorator and adding a work of art to your wedding table.


Metallic Weddding Cakes


Metallic cakes undeniably ooze class and sophistication. Their shimmering finish of gold, bronze or silver looks almost inedible yet incredible. The metallic finish can be created by using an edible paint/airbrush coating, or a lustre effect modelling paste for small models. Although they’re popular all year round, metallic cakes can be adopted into a summer theme by combining the edgy and shimmering lustre of silver, gold or bronze with bright summer colours. If flowers are your thing, they make a great contrast with a gold background, as shown on the cake below.


Lace Wedding Cakes


lace-wedding-cakesIt wasn’t all that long ago that edible cake lace emerged on the shelves but it’s safe to say it’s quickly taken the cake decorating world by storm! Cake lace can take any cake from plain to rustic chic or vintage glamour in quite literally seconds. It can be draped or wrapped around a cake to give depth to its design, or simply used to add an elegant finishing touch to cakes of all shapes and sizes.


Novelty  Wedding Cakes


Who says your wedding cake actually has to be cake?! In recent years, many couples have been straying from the traditional cake, instead  opting for distinctive creations to reflect their tastes and personalities. Whether you’re serving up stacks of cupcakes, macarons or doughnuts in place of cake, you can still decorate them with the more traditional fresh sugar flowers and colourful frosting that wedding cakes usually boast. After all, when it comes to your wedding the world is your oyster cake!


Chalkboard Wedding Cakes


We just can’t get enough of the trendy chalkboard cake design. This cake style resembles something straight out of a craft magazine, looks surprisingly realistic and allows you to add a cute personalised message for the newlyweds. If you’ve never seen a chalkboard cake before or you’re eager to try this new trend out for yourself,  it’s created using black sugar paste dusted in icing sugar and finished with a hand painted message using white edible paint and a thin brush.


Wedding Cake Flavours

Its all About The Cake Flavour Too! From Eggless wedding cakes, tradtional friut cake to chocolate and red velvet there is a large range of fantastic flavours you can choose from to really personalise your wedding cake.

Metallic Asian Wedding Cake Designs

metalic-wedding-cakesWe have recently added some new cake decorating supplies and decorations to our extensive range of cake decorating products available from our cake decorating shop in Knowle, Solihull. Our selection of new products include the latest cake decorating trends, new product launches and some tips and ideas to help keep you inspired.


With the wedding season in full swing, our new stunning Metallic Fusion collection draws inspiration from metallic wedding cake trends and opulent Asian eggless wedding cake designs, while our elegant Rose collection uses an on-trend colour scheme for a beautiful summer wedding cake look.


metalic-wedding-cupcakesAs something a little different to our usual wedding cake themes, this year the tiers in our metalic wedding cake collection can be mixed and matched to suit your requirements and produce beautiful wedding cakes for large weddings as well as smaller celebrations. Check out our simple step-by-step guides to find out how to create your own version of our Metallic Fusion and Rose collections.

Super Value Cake Decorating Supplies

Our Super range of Value Cake Decorating Supplies will help cake decorators to step into the very busy wedding cake and birthday cake season, some of our new range of cake decorating supplies and cake decorations include our highly popular Colour Splash range as well as our beautiful sugar flower cake decorations ideal for wedding cakes and creating amazing fun birthday cakes.




cake-decorating-suppliesAnother brilliant addition to our huge range of cake decorating equipment available in our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Shop, Solihull are the brand new Mini Alphabet cutter sets in both uppercase and lowercase from Cake Star.




These easy-to-use plunger cutters give cake decorators of all skill levels a quick and easy way to create flawless lettering in seconds for cakes and cupcakes of all sizes. They’ve already proven to be extremely popular with customers so make sure you don’t miss out on these great cutter sets.
cake-boards-drumsOur high quality range of cake drum boards and cards are very popular with customers, with a variety
of shapes, sizes and colours available at great value prices. We also stock a full range of cake boxes and cupcake boxes available in various sizes up to 20inches.
With the Wedding cake season just around
the corner our brand new range of wedding cake decorations and equiment for 2017 has got everything you need to get ready, from on-trend rose gold baking cases to intricate new edible lace and sugarpaste icing.
The new Renshaw Premium Cover Sugar Paste is perfect for covering cakes quickly and easily. This new recipe has a sweet vanilla flavour and a soft set, developed to make covering large or deep cakes even easier. We’re currently offering 10% off the brand new range until the end of the June so don’t miss out!
Thank you for taking the time to check out our latest cake decorating supplies great offers and update. We hope you enjoy our latest update and find something here to inspire you to create your own wedding cakes and birthday cakes.

Fmm New Cake Decorating Cutters

peony-flowers-fmmWe have many new cake decorating supplies available from our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Supplies Shop, Knowle, Solihull. Two of the most simplest and effect cutters we have recently added to our large sugar flower and cake decorating cutters are the wonderful high quality cutters from Fmm. Their new Adorable Baby Cutter Set and their new Easiest Ever Peony Cutter are perfect for creating professional decorated cakes. The Easiest Ever Peony Cutter is brilliant for making beautiful hand made sugarflowers for wedding cakes, birthday cakes or anniversary cakes.


Designed to create the easiest and quickest sugar peonies ever! Different sized peonies can be created by simply adding more petals. It also includes a leaf cutter!
Simple and easy to use for beginners and a great time saving tool for professional cake decorators especially for a cascading sugar flower wedding cake design.


fmm-baby-showerYou can also create adorable decorations for those New Baby Special Occasions! Whether it’s for a Baby Shower cake, New Arrival or Christening cake, you’ll find these cutters perfect!

This easy to use cutter features 4 designs including a baby in a pram, a crawling baby, a stork and a baby in a blanket!


Buy Now these brilliant cutters at great prices by popping in to our friendly cake decorating shop in Solihull or ordering from our Sugarbliss Online Cake Decorating Supplies Shop.

Simple Wedding Cakes

Simple Wedding Cake


Our Sugarbliss Simple Wedding Cakes are a fantastic collection of beautifully and simply designed wedding cakes which look absolutely stunning at any wedding reception. With a collection of over 15 designs to choose from, our simple wedding cake collection can be altered to match your wedding colours or decor.


Cake Flavours


You can also choose different flavours for each tier which are all freshly baked from the finest ingredients in our very own Sugarbliss ‘Cakery’. With over 30 plus flavours to choose from you do not have to keep to the traditional fruit cake but can choose from a range of delicious flavours to suite  from we also specialise in dietary cakes including our reknowned eggless, gluten free and vegan cake flavours. At sugarbliss Cake Company we are sure you will find the perfect cake design and flavour for your wedding cake. If your wedding is an informal or intimate occasion our simple wedding cake collection could be the perfect choice for you.


Wedding Cake toppers


One of the easiest ways to give any wedding cake an extra special touch is to use a cake topper that reflects the wedding theme and personalities of the couple. Cake toppers have come a long way from the days of a simple plastic model of the couple – today there’s an array of styles to choose from whether you are looking for figurines, wording, sparkling diamante hearts or simple sugar flowers.