Simple Wedding Cakes

vegan-wedding-cakes copySimple Wedding Cakes by Sugarbliss Cake Company.

Our stunning but simple wedding cake collection are available no matter how large or small you wedding celebration is cateering for.

Choose from over 36 different flavours and fillings, you can even have a different flavour for each tier.

Also available in our delicious eggless, vegan and gluten free cake flavours.


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Children’s Birthday Cakes

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 10.16.06Children’s Birthday Cakes

From Children’s favourite story book cakes to dinosaur cakes, princess cakes, handbag cakes and number cakes, let us create the perfect birthday cake for you!

Available in all sizes and flavours.

Choose from over 36 delicious flavours and filling our children’s birthday cakes are also availble in eggless, vegan and gluten free cake flavours.


if you would like more information about our children birthday cake designs and bespoke service, please contact us

BMW Car 3D Birthday Cake

Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 15.16.15BMW Car 3D Birthday Cake

Whatever you favourite car is from sports cars to classis cars we can create the perfect birthday cake car for you!

Our car cakes are available in various sizes and flavours, from 3d car cakes, 2d car cakes, Car cake models to printed edible car pictures, we are sure we can design your birthday cake just for your special celebration.

Our car cakes are also available in our delicious vegan, eggless and gluten free flavours and fillings.


We also offer free local delivery in the Knowle, Solihull area for birthday cakes


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Baby 1st Birthday cakes

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 14.20.24Our Baby 1st Birthday cakes are Bright & Colourfully and can be personalised for a girl’s 1st birthday or a Boy’s 1st birthday.

Available in all sizes and flavours from balloon cake designs, elephant cake designs to teddy bear cakes we can design the perfect 1st birthday cake for you!

Also available in our delicious eggless, gluten free and vegan cake flavours and fillings.


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sports football tennis birthday cakesSports themed Birthday Cakes by sugarbliss cake company

Let us create the perfect sports birthday cake for you, from football cakes, tennis ball cakes to boxing glove cakes, to gym and yogo birthday cakes.

Choose from over 36 delicious flavours and fillings. Also available, in our delicious vegan flavours, eggless flavours and gluten free flavours.


If you would like to finnd out more about our sports themed birthday and celebration cakes, please contact us

Simple Wedding Cakes 2021

simple-wedding-cakesSimple Wedding Cakes 2021

Created for the bride who is looking for a simply beautiful and delicious wedding cake at a perfectly affordable price.

A choice of 12 stunning cake designs to choose from and available in all our tasty flavours & fillings all freshly baked using the finest sourced ingredients in our very own cakery.

Our collection of Simple Wedding Cakes are simply delicious with a simple style, quality and elegance.

Also available Vegan, Eggless & Gluten free Flavours


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