How To Stack A Wedding Cake

A tiered wedding or celebration cake design always creates a wow factor and always looks impressive.  We are frequently asked at our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating shop, how do you stack a tiered wedding cake or a tiered celebration cake? So follow these simple steps to securely stack any shaped cake.


Step 1

Place a thin cake card, approximately 2 inch smaller than the next tier up, place in the middle of the bottom base cake. Gently press down to make a slight impression or mark round the edge using a scribing tool. This will show the area where the dowels can be placed.


Step 2

At the highest point of the cake, push a dowel into the cake and mark the dowel above the icing (approx 1mm) using a edible pen.


Step 3

Pull out the dowel and using it as a template mark three more dowels. Score the dowels with a sharp knife or scissors and snap.


Step 4

Push the four dowels into the cake evenly spaced and in the previously marked area.


Step 5

Place the next on top of the dowelled cake. Repeat the process for additional tiers.


Step 6

Once you have completely finished stacking attach ribbon around the base of each cake , securing with royal icing, or pipe around to hide the join. The tiered cake is now ready for cake decorating.


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