What You Need Cake Baking And Decorating

We are regularly asked about What Do We Need For Cake Decorating Equipment And Tools? So you have what it takes to bake, but now it is time for you to decorate your cakes! If you’re ready to take your cakes to the next level by learning the art of cake decorating, you are going to need some basic cake decorating supplies. All the professional cake decorating equipment and supplies available can seem really daunting! In taking a look at our own cake decorating essentials, we have assembled a basic beginners list to help you determine the tools that will be the most useful for you.


Cake Boards: Cakes simply look best on boards. Made of strong cardboard, cake board drums come in various sizes, shapes and even colours, so it is always a good idea to have a selection of different sized boards etc.


Cake Lifters look like a fatter version of the type you’d use to flip your pancakes. Ideal for moving your cakes with minimal stress or mess.


Cake Stencils are a cutout guide used for transferring an image onto your cake. You simply brush or sprinkle the coloring dust etc through the stencil, and the design remains on the cake. Cake stencils are great for adding a pattern to fondant topped cakes, but they also create a great effect on cakes that need visual Wow factor.


Piping Tips Couplers are a cake decorating tool consisting of a base and a ring which allows you to change piping tips without changing the bag.


Piping Tips are used with icing bags. They come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes to create different piping effects.


Digital Scale: If you’re a baker, you know that weighing ingredients helps you achieve more reliable results. So it’s definitely good to have a digital scale for decorating, as it can be helpful when measuring ingredients for icings etc.


Flower Nail: Shaped like a nail with a wider, flat head to create simple sugar piped flowers. With one hand spin the nail while your other hand does the piping. It is a good working surface that gives you better access than working directly on a cake, and the flat surface makes transferring to the cake simple.


Sugarpaste Roller is a non-stick rolling pin specifically designed for sugarpaste icing. Guide rings will often make it easy to roll out to even thicknesses.


Icing Smoother: These paddle-like tools are used to smooth the sugarpaste icing once it has been draped over the cake for a professional, finished look free of air bubbles or bumps.


Impression or Texture Mat: Perhaps not a necessity, but again, an easy way to create an impressive result. By placing the mat over rolled out sugarpaste, and applying even pressure across the surface, when you peel away the mat, you have a beautiful recessed design to place on your cake.


Food Paste Coloring: For the best variety of vibrant colors, invest in some gel paste food coloring or food coloring powder, also known as dusting powder. You’ll never go back to the liquid kind! Ideal for tinting icings, coloring sugarpaste and hand painting your cake.


Sugarpaste Cutters: The idea is similar to a cookie cutter, and really, some cookie cutters can be used for sugarpaste. Some versions have a plunger release, which we highly recommend: you can place your cutter on the sugarpaste, cut out your shape, and then press the release button for a clean cutout.


Modeling Set: This is a fantastic thing to have for modeling and shaping sugarpaste, as well as adding detail to fondant and modeling chocolate. Very nice for adding definition to flowers, leaves, and other small fondant or sugarpaste decorations. A basic modeling set will include a variety of tools tools. Examples include the Bone tool, which is ideal for smoothing curves, the Ball tool, which resembles a tiny ball bearing is very helpful in making rounded indentations on leaves and flowers, the Blade tool, which, as the name might imply, is something like a scalpel and perfect for cutting out small shapes.


Offset Palette Knife: An offset palette knife is a slim metal spatula with a blade that has a bend, allowing the blade to sit below the handle. Use it for spreading and smoothing icings and fillings.


Rolled Sugarpaste: Is ideal for creating a beautiful finish, many celebration cakes are topped with rolled sugarpaste. It is made of sugar, water, gelatin and food-grade glycerine. Its smooth appearance gives cakes a polished look, and rolled sugarpaste is also flexible and workable enough to mold into shapes.


Turntable: It makes frosting easy  and is also helpful when cake decorating, making it easy to rotate the cake to attend to all sides without the possibility of damaging the cake while lifting and shifting.

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