Wedding Cakes & Products

peony-sugarflower-rose-wedding-cakeWe have been very busy creating fabulous wedding cakes through out the summer, which have most certainly been complemented by the wonderful wedding venues we are so lucky to be part of. There have been so many wonderful new wedding venues to mention, but one of our favourite is Combe Abbey, Coventry. No matter if the cake is a 3 tier, or a 6 tier wedding cake, this venue perfectly lends it self to small and large receptions. For wedding cake designers this is delightful, allowing us to design cakes perfect for the bride and groom and matching the back drop of the venue.


The new peony flower cutters by Fmm have been very popular. These easy to use cutters create beautiful sugarflowers ideal for wedding cakes. The wedding cake picture shows how stunning sugarflower roses look on a wedding cake.


michael kor-handbag-cakeWe always have great fun creating new celebration birthday cakes and a few newly added cakes to our collection are designer  Michael Kors and Mulberry Bayswater handbag cakes. Our new spiral cakes have become a real talking point. The First spiral piano cake was designed and created by Arden. (Happy Birthday Arden) and our minion cakes are always fun to make!


Some recently added products to our  Cake Decorating,Cake Decorations And Cupcake Supplies online shop, are the excellent Fpc Sugarcraft moulds. There is an excellent range of different designed moulds cateering for all occasions and perfect for making edible and non edible cake and cupcake decorations.


Loving Everything To Do With Cake Decorating, Cake Decorations And Cupcake Supplies!

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