Measure and Roll Non Stick Icing Mat

One of the things we really enjoy here at Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Company is showing and teaching the various different techniques, used to ice wedding cakes and celebrations cakes, here at our cake decorating shop.


So, it was a great pleasure to be invited to Lapworth W.I meeting to give a talk and demonstration about our cake decorations,cake decorating and cupcake supplies. During our demonstration we showed Lapworth W.I group, various modelling skills to create a fabulous Christmas cake. Afterwards our ladies were very eager to make their very own Christmas teddy bear sugar models!


SDIICINGMAT-1A new brilliant product we now supply at our Sugarbliss Cake decorating shop, Knowle, Solihull, is the new cut and roll mats from Kitchen craft. A great set of 2 non-stick icing mats, with a printed sizing guide for icing all included! Ice away with full confidence, using the mat for icing 15cm (6″) to 48cm (19″) sized cakes. Simply place your icing onto the plain mat and place the sizing guide on top to roll out your icing to the size you need!

Part of our extensive sugarcraft collection that offers everything you need for cake making, decorating, presentation and serving.


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