Christian Louboutin Shoe Box Cake

christan-louboutin-shoe-cakeOur Christian Louboutin Shoe Box Cake was great fun to create and looked absolutely stunning. The Shoe box cake was accompanied with a cascading stack of cupcakes with edible stiletto shoes made from sugar paste icing and place on to our delicious vanilla buttercream. Using a 2D nozzle tip, we created elegant buttercream rose swirls which adorned our vanilla sponge cupcakes. Our cupcakes were also filled with a tasty raspberry/strawberry jam filling.


The shoe box cake was created from our red velvet cake mix which is now available to purchase in 500g bags from our cake decorating supplies shop, Solihull, Birmingham.


SONY DSCIn order to create perfect square edges, we used a white chocolate ganache. The cake had 3 ganche coating before we covered the cake using a combination of teddy brown sugar paste icing and white icing.


Once covered we then used a cake decorators smoother and a set of flexi smoothers to create the sharpe edges on the cake.


The Christian Louboutin logo was made by carefully cutting out by hand, the letters from an icing sheet. It was then secured on to the front and back using a cake decorating edible glued.


The Christian Louboutin sugar shoe was devised by producing stencils from an original LB shoe. Using the templates a pattern was forged on to finely rolled squires red, black and cream florist paste. Again, the pieces were secured using edible cake decorators glue.


The stiletto heel was made using our silicone heel mould and a 50/50 mix of florist paste and ready to roll sugar paste.

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