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This week has been busy with an assortment of exciting new products arriving, so keep an eye out for them in our Cake Craft Supplies Shop!   We have just added a fantastic selection of Cake Mixes to our cake ingredients range, and anybody thinking of baking cakes or cup cakes for the jubilee or any celebration will appreciate how easy and delicious our cake mixes are.

Our sweet range of cake mixes include-Vanilla, Death by Chocolate and NEW Red Velvet, Carrot, Egg Free Vanilla and Gluten Free Vanilla!

Although at Sugarbliss Cake & Craft Company we bake our own cake recipes, not everyone has the time or inclination!  After many customer requests, we now offer easy to use cake mixes for those who enjoy home baking but need the reassurance of consistent results every time. You have the flexibility to bake whatever shapes and sizes of sponge you need – big cakes, little cakes, novelty shapes and cupcakes!

The new vanilla or death by chocolate sponge cake mixes, packed in 3kg boxes, are extremely versatile and tolerant to a wide range of baking conditions.  The mixes will produce a close textured moist cake, firm and easy to handle, which should keep well for at least 2 weeks.  The results will not be identical to our own baked bases, as these are baked from scratch ingredients and cannot be recreated exactly in a cake mix,  However, cakes baked by using these mixes will be just as suitable for decorating and tasty. You also have the advantage of being able to add extra ingredients and flavours – fruit, chocolate chips, lemon flavouring?

A three kilogram box will be plenty to make three large 10″ square cakes, or six 8″ round cakes.  You can also get between 130 and 200 cupcakes from one box, depending on the size of your cupcakes!

A full instruction leaflet showing quantities of the vanila or chocolate cake mix needed for different sizes and shapes of cake is enclosed in the packaging.

We also have Red Velvet, Carrot, and Egg Free sponge cake mixes, all available in 1.5kg bags.

With a subtle chocolate flavour, moist texture and striking colour, Red Velvet is the lastest cake craze from America to hit the UK. The cake are absolutely gorgeous, baked as cupcakes with a vanilla frosting.

A 1.5kg pack of Red Velvet Cake Mix is plenty for three 8″ round cakes, or 60-90 cupcakes depending on size.  Instructions are included for an 8″ round cake.



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