Summer Colourful Birthday Cakes

unicakeSummer is here and we’ve got everything you need to create birthday cakes, Wedding Cakes and Celebration cakes, from our most popular cake decorating products to brand new and exciting cake decorating equipment, all available from our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Shop, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands. Between weddings cakes, birthday cakes and garden party cakes, there’s always plenty of summer events to plan for, so make sure you get summer- ready with our best selling cake decorating supplies.


Unicorn cakes remain a top trend in the cake decorating world, having taken social media by storm over the last year. These fantastic colourful birthday cakes uses plenty of colour and sparkle, making them very popular choice for children’s birthday parties and special celebrations. Check out our simple unicorn how-to guide.


1 Secure the cake to your cake board using a small amount of buttercream.


2 Colour a large bowl of buttercream with the Pale Pink gel. Using a palette knife, spread the pink buttercream over the top of your cake.


3 Divide more buttercream into 3 bowls. Colour one bowl using more of the Pale Pink gel, one using Blue and one using Lemon.


4 Fill three piping bags with each of your three buttercream colours. Cut 10mm off the tips of each bag.


5 Insert the 2D drop ower nozzle into another piping bag and carefully insert the three lled piping bags, ensuring the ends are level and as near to the nozzle as possible.


6 Pipe an individual swirl of buttercream on the base of your cake. Continue all the way around until all the cake is completely covered.


7 Mix the Purple Cupcakes pearls and vermicelli together in a bowl. Sprinkle on the top of your cake in an arc shape to create a colourful rainbow.


8 Add your mini ower sugar pipings.


9 Roll out your gold metallic modelling paste and cut out your desired name and age using the Push Easy cutters. Secure to the top of the cake towards the front edge.


10 Place your unicorn on top for the perfect magical finish!

Birthday Cake Essentials

buntingWe have over 30 exciting new cake decorating products this month all available now from our cake decorating shop, Solihull, West Midlands. Some of our new cake decorating supplies include the very popular Cake Star Push Easy Shape and Flower cutters, new palette knives and texture mats which are a simple way for adding texture patterns to your sugarpaste icing and perfect for birthday cakes, as well as, themed wedding cakes.



We’ve also got the popular FMM Bunting and Owl Cutters in stock. Making your own edible bunting to decorate birthday cakes, cupcakes and wedding cakes has never been easier with the new Bunting Cutter set by FMM. Each set includes three different cutter sizes to suit all cake types. This cake decorating product has been very popular with our proffessional and home cake decoraters.
Create realistic effects with our fantastic range of new texture mats for cake decorating. Easy to use and very effective, these mats are perfect forcreating textures that can add depth to birthday cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and bespoked elegant wedding cakes.