Rainbow Dust Colour Melts

chocolate-meltsRainbow Dust Colour Melts


We now have the complete range of the brilliant and easy to use Rainbow Dust colour melts available from our cake decorating shop, Knowle, Solihull.


No need to temper your chocolate, with the new Colour Melts from Rainbow Dust you can achieve a beautifully smooth coating for any decorative treat. These chocolate melts are perfect for decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes, celebration cakes and cupcakes.


These vibrant Colour Melts work similarly to chocolate but are ready tempered so you simply have to heat them in the microwave in short bursts and you are left with a delicious, creamy coating for your cake pops and other baked delicacies.


Not only do they provide a smooth, even coating however, they also taste fantastic and contain no hydrogenated fats like other similar products such as candy melts or merkens. They also don’t have a waxy taste like some other brands.


The colour melts are also great for to use over stencils and with the addition of some cocoa butter to thin them down, you can even paint with them, allowing you to paint your own candy designs onto cookies, cakes and cupcakes.


The colour melts are great for use in a wide range of silicone and candy moulds as well as dipping for cake pops.


Rainbow Dust are a well-established cake decorating company with many years’ experience in creating some of the best loved decorating products including lustre dusts, edible glitter and food art pens. With the Colour Melts, you can be sure that the same care and attention is given to create such a high quality product.


How to use:
• Place your colour melts into a microwave bowl.
• Heat on full power in 30 second burst and stir well between heating.
• Do this until your colour melts are liquid.
• Pour your candy melts into your mould or over your cakes for fillings and run outs.


Contains E120 – not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Edible Jewels by Rainbow dust

edible-jewelsWe have lots of new cake decorating tools and products available form our Cake Decorating shop in Solihull, West Midlands. One of our favourite and best selling cake decorating products is the range of Rainbow Edible Jewels.


Rainbow Dust Emerald Jewels are soft translucent edible jelly jewels for cake decorating. Ideal for using on wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes and celebration cakes. For best results, chill before use. Carefully remove from packaging using Dresden tool to avoid damaging. If tarnished, brush with vegetable oil to remove blemishes and simply add to your wedding cake design or special celebration cake to create an amazing jewel or gem effect.


These fantastic edible cake decorations are available in different colours and shapes. From clear diamond jewels, pink, ruby, emerald to to pink pearls and red hearts, we are sure these edible cake decorations will really add a touch of sparkle to your special celebration cakes or cupcakes.


Ingredients: Humectant: Glycerine (E422), Sorbitol (E420)*, Gelatine (Pork); Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid (E330); Sweetener: Sucralose (E955); Preservative: Sodium Benzoate (E211); Flavouring; Colour: E133, E151. E161b & E171.


Storage: Store at ambient temperature. Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight.


12″ Cake Leveller by PME

12″ Cake Leveller by PME



IScreen Shot 2016-03-16 at 16.19.56t’s probably fair to say that we have all experienced uneven layers of cake when somehow the knife doesn’t quite cut the cake as level as we thought it should.


Following intensive research, a special intertwined wire that works in a similar way to a serrated knife was selected, creating a leveller that does a great job and is easy to use. By using the 12″ Cake leveller you will be able to complete a perfectly level cut cake.


Ideal for evenly layering out your wedding cakes and birthday cakes.


We also sell the 18″ Cake leveller as well as the 12″ Cake Leveller. Both are available from our cake decorating shop, Solihull, West midlands or why not simply order from our online cake decorating shop.

How To Cover A Round Cake With Sugarpaste

Covering Round Cakes with Rolled Sugarpaste



Prepare cake by lightly covering with buttercream icing.




Before rolling out sugarpaste icing, knead it until it is a workable consistency. If the sugarpaste is sticky, knead in a little icing sugar. Lightly dust your smooth work surface or the Roll & Cut Mat and your rolling pin with icing sugar or corn flower to prevent sticking. Roll out the sugarpaste icing sized to your cake. To keep sugarpaste from sticking, lift and move as you roll. Add more corn flower or icing sugar if needed.



Gently lift the sugarpaste/fondant icing over your rolling pin or slip a cake circle under the sugarpaste/fondant icing to move; carefully position the sugarpaste icing on your cake.




Shape the sugarpaste to the sides of your cake with a Smoother. We recommend using a icing Smoother because the pressure of your hands may leave impressions on the surface of the sugarpaste. Beginning in the middle of the cake top, move the Smoother outward and down the sides to smooth and shape the sugarpaste to the cake and remove air bubbles. If an air bubble appears, insert a pin at an angle, release air and smooth the area again. Use the straight edge of the Smoother to mark the sugarpaste at the base of cake. Trim off excess fondant using a spatula or sharp knife.



Your cake is now ready to for you to decorate.






Covering Large Rounds with Rolled Sugarpaste

In most cases, the smaller your cake, the easier it will be to cover with rolled sugarpaste icing. However, there is an easy way to position and smooth sugarpaste/fondant on cakes that are 12 in. diameter or larger. Follow the steps below to lift sugarpaste icing onto the cake without tearing.


STEp 1

Cover cake lightly with buttercream icing. Roll out fondant sized to your cake.




STEp 2

Slide a large cake circle that has been dusted with icing sugar or cornflower under the rolled sugarpasate icing. Lift the circle and the icing and carefully position over cake. Gently shake the circle to slide the sugarpaste off the board and into position on the cake. Smooth and trim as described above.


We have a large range of sugarpaste icing in various sizes and colours from our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Supplies Shop, Solihull.


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Christmas Cupcakes

cupcake-decorationsWith the festive season approaching we have a great selection of cupcake and Christmas cake decorations. Try our easy to make cupcakes, perfect for a festive family gathering!
Bake the cupcakes using your preferred recipe. Once cooked
and cooled, the cupcakes are ready to decorate.
Using the piping bag and star tube, pipe buttercream onto
some of the cupcakes as shown in the picture.
Top the buttercream with a gingerbread man sugar piping.
Roll out some of the Pebble sugar paste to approx 5mm
thick and cut out circles big enough to cover the top of the
Roll out more of the Pebble sugar paste then use the Fine
Basket Weave Rolling Pin to create a texture on the sugar
paste before cutting out circles big enough to cover the top of
the cupcakes.
Apply a thin layer of buttercream to the top of each
cupcake and apply the Pebble sugar paste circles. Apply a
gingerbread man sugar piping to the top of each cupcake
using a small amount of buttercream to secure in place.
Then, take equal amounts of the Pebble, Mist and White sugar
paste and roll each out into long, thin sausage shapes. Plait
the pieces together and use enough to cover the top of the
cupcake, securing with buttercrea.
Top with a gingerbread man sugar piping.
Finally, gently kneed together the remaining sugar paste
colours in Pebble, Mist and White until the colours are marbled.
Roll out the sugar paste to approx 5mm thick and cut out
circles big enough to cover the top of the cupcakes.
Apply a thin layer of buttercream to the top of each cupcake
and apply the marbled sugar paste circles.
Again, finish with a gingerbread sugar piping.
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Double Chocolate Brownies



brownie-cakes-sugarbliss-ca55g unsalted butter
110g dark chocolate, chopped
2 large eggs
150g brown sugar
85g granulated sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
125g plain flour
½ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
85g dark or milk chocolate chips




Preheat the oven to 180C/ fan 160C/gas 4

Grease a twelve hole square brownie pan or a non- stick brownie pan with butter.

In a large saucepan, melt the butter and chopped chocolate over a low heat until smooth.

Remove from heat and stir in the eggs, sugars, and vanilla extract.

Sift the flour, baking powder and salt then fold in to the mixture using a spatula.

Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature before adding the chocolate chips.

Transfer the mixture to the brownie pan and bake for 25-30 minutes, or insert a skewer in to the centre of the brownies, remove the skewer if it’s clean the brownies are done.

Cool the brownies in the pan before transferring to a wire rack.


Products Used









All The Products are available in our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Company.


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Wedding Cake Figurine Toppers

bride & groom figurinesIt is always fun when we are asked to make some wedding cake bride and groom toppers. Using modelling paste, food colours and edible glue our two wedding cake toppers looked absolutely fantastic adorning our miniature wedding cakes at the lovely Mallory Hall, Leamington.


We have had some wonderful new cake decorating supplies and cake equipment arrive this week in our cake decorating shop. Our new jam and preserve making equipment and accessories are a great addition to our bakeware range and includes jars, labels, lids, starter sets and all the tools for jam preserving. We now also have a beautiful selection of edible wired sugar hearts, stars and flower sprays in various colours and sizes for you to simply add to your cake.


We will also soon be displaying two new wedding cake designs in our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating shop, Knowle, Solihull, we are sure these two new designs will be very popular with our brides and grooms to be.


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Cake Decorating Supplies

One of the most fun cake decorating tools recently arrived are some roller boards. These fantastic tools are used to quickly and perfectly create marzipan fruits such as, lemons, limes. plums, apples, pears etc ideal to add fruit decorations to a wedding cake or celebration cake.


We are very excited with our new collection of jam and preserve making equipment, sets and accessories. We have a wide choice of essential items for either the novice or experienced cook in the art of preserving. The range includes sieves, straining kits, spice bags, maslin pans, funnels, jars, lids, covers, and labels. From preparation to bottling and storage, the Home Made range includes everything you need to make traditional home made jams, chutneys, and pickles.

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Cake Decorating Supplies-Sugarpaste

Last week we had the opportunity to try out our new range of sugarpastes from culpitt and Squires, which are now available in our Sugarbliss Cake Decorating Shop, Knowle, Solihull.


During our last wedding cake class and our beginners cake decorating course, our Sugarbliss cake decorating students were persuaded to try out our new sugarpastes. We all agreed both of the pastes were excellent both in texture and ease of use.


We particularly liked the bridal white and vintage ivory by Squires as the colours are perfect for any wedding cake. There is always an element of personal preference with any sugar paste but both these pastes are available in a range of sizes from 250g to 5kg and a comprehensive colour range. They are smooth and very easy to use for decorating your cakes, cupcakes and cookies.


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Cake Decorating Supplies & Icing Gift Sets

Last weekend we attended the fabulous Premier Bridal Show 2013 at the fantastic Midland Hotel. The Show was a huge success with over 200 brides & grooms to be in attendance. The two more additions to our ever popular Simple Wedding Cake, brought much attention to this affordable wedding cake collection. We also took the opportunity to launch our new Eggless Chocolate Cake which proved to be a great success, and as you can imagine, the cake samples soon disappeared!


Back at our popular cake decorating and sugarcraft shop Knowle, Solihull, we have recently added some wonderful icing gift sets and new number and alphabet moulds, which are ideal for chocolate making as well as adding a finishing touch to a birthday or christening cake.


The new and superb Sugarflair range of concentrated pastel colour pastes are now also available in our shop. The additional colours of Baby Pink, Peppermint, Sky Blue, Lavender, Shadow Grey, Daffodil and Scarlet really complete this already great range of cake decorating food colours and will also be available to purchase shortly, on our new Sugarbliss Cake Decorating on-line cake decorating shop.


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