Cake Boards

Cake boards (drums) come in all shapes, sizes, thicknesses and now fabulous colours, from cut edge cake boards to cake drums.  At Sugarbliss Cake Craft & Decorating Shop, we stock and supply a wide selection of cake boards and cards for you to choose from.


There is a vast range of sizes from 3 inch to 20 plus inches and various shapes such as, square, round, oblong, heart, petal, oval and hexagon shaped cake boards.


The latest additions to our fantastic range of cake boards include the green, cream and the very popular purple cake boards. The coloured boards do mean that you can create a real wow factor to all your cakes, without having to ice the board, saving precious time and sugar paste. Also, don’t think you have to dispose of a board once it has been used. You can keep it as a working board or re- cover with silver or gold covering paper (pack of 5 sheets) available in our cake craft shop.


Please find below a quick guide to all the boards available and their uses!


Cut edge (1mm)- silver


These cards are suitable for use with lighter gateaux and sponges. The edge is cut, showing the inner card, with the silver paper covering the top only and are available in round only.


Single thick (2mm)- silver


Once again these cards are suitable for gateaux and sponge cakes, but a little thicker and stronger than cut edge.  Can be used when assembling a wedding or multi tiered cake design, where the upper tiers are sponge, and a thin hidden board of the same size as the cake is needed.  These cake cards are available in round and square and in all sizes from  inch  to 12 inch.


Double thick (3mm) – silver and festive (Christmas) Cake Cards Turn Edge


These cards are much stronger, will support heavier fruit cakes and larger, heavier sponges.The foil is turned so covering the inner card. Recommended use for any multi tiered cake with slightly heavier upper tiers that require a hidden board the same size as the cake.  Available in all sizes from 6 inch to 14 inch plus.


Hardboard (3mm)- silver


If you require an ultra strong but thin board, then this is the one you should use and are available in round and square from  6 inches to 16inches.


Drums (12mm)- silver (all shapes) and gold (round /square only)


Extremely strong, and will support any cake, whether sponge or fruit. They are usually used for the base of multi tiered cakes or for other celebration cakes.  The size required for a sponge cake would generally be 2 to 3 inch larger than the cake itself.  For a fruit cake which is marzipanned and iced you should use a drum board that is 3 inches larger.  You can  increase the board size if you are adding decorations or wish to off set the cake towards the back. Cake boards can also enhance the final appearance of your cake if you ice to the edge of the board and then add ribbon(use 15 mm if iced) around the boards edge to match or contrast against the decoration on the cake. The drums are available in round or square from 6 inch to 20 inches and also in various different shapes.


Log (2mm)- Silver and festive(Christmas)


These cake cards measures 8 inches x 4 inches and are ideal for any slab shaped cake, but especially your Christmas logs.


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New Cake Decorations & Products

Over the last few weeks  we have had a number of fantastic new products arriving in our cake & cake decorating shop recently, including a range of Karen Davies moulds.  These new moulds have been taken from figures which have been modeled by hand in modeling paste, so giving a result that looks like you have not used a mould. The face/ head moulds have been very popular for people who want to get a good simple result that can be altered to suit either male or female, young or old. The cup cake top mould which gives the cake decorator a cup cake top decorated in one easy step is just fabulous.The moulds are all very well defined and with some lovely detailed designs!

At Sugarbliss Cake Company one of our very popular wedding cake designs is a ribbon around the cake fastened with a pearl brooch. On one of our recent wedding cake designs, our clients wanted as much of the cake decorations to be completely edible. So using the brooch mould we were able to create some wonderful edible brooches. The edible brooches looked wonderful placed in the centre of the sugar bows that we had made and still completely edible!

As well as stocking the popular blue, cerise, pink, black, gold and silver cake boards, we particularly liked the new round and square green cake boards which arrived last week, adding to our colour cake board range. These coloured cake boards really can make it easy to add a dramatic effect to a cake without having to ice the board. We have recently used them in one of our celebration cake designs. Using a black fourteen inch board, our life sized boxing glove cake looked absolutely stunning.

Keep watching out for many more new cake decorating products arriving shortly.