Weight Lifting sports Birthday Cakes

weight lifting-gym-birthday cakeChoose your favourite sport and we will create the perfect sports birthday cake for you.

From tenis cakes, Racing car cakes, Boxing glove Cakes, Basketball cakes, football birthday cakes to weight lifting birthday cakes lets us personalise your birthday cake.

Choose from over 36 delicious cake flavours and fillings, also available in vegan birthday cakes, eggless birthday cakes and gluten free birthday cakes


please contact us if you would like to discuss your birthday personalised cake design.

sports football tennis birthday cakesSports themed Birthday Cakes by sugarbliss cake company

Let us create the perfect sports birthday cake for you, from football cakes, tennis ball cakes to boxing glove cakes, to gym and yogo birthday cakes.

Choose from over 36 delicious flavours and fillings. Also available, in our delicious vegan flavours, eggless flavours and gluten free flavours.


If you would like to finnd out more about our sports themed birthday and celebration cakes, please contact us