Wedding Cake Designs & Styles 2017

With 2017 wedding cakes well underway, we thought we would spend a little time talking about the fantastic wedding cake trends for 2017.  Wedding cake trends change every year with a constant demand for new wedding cake designs and styles, colour schemes and personalised cake designs. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite wedding cake designs which we think will be all the rage for 2017 and to give brides, grooms some inspiration to help make their day extra special.




Last year was all about naked cakes but this year semi-naked cakes will be taking centre stage! Semi-naked wedding cakes have the same rustic appeal as its predecessor while still having the wow factor of a fully decorated cake. This semi-naked cake may be perfectly frosted but is also stripped back enough to let the layers peek through from underneath.


Mirror Glaze Wedding Cakes


If you loved the Great British Bake Off last year then you’re bound to recognise this hot trend for 2017! Mirror glaze cakes are super versatile and can be as extravagant or understated as you need. The high gloss finish looks beautiful as a standalone design but also complements extravagant decoration and bold colours perfectly too.


Floral Wedding Cakes


Floral cakes remain the most popular choice for wedding cakes, particularly those with a summer theme, nothing says summer like a variety of vibrant and elegant hydrangeas, peonies or sunflowers. While these flowers are traditionally the chosen centrepiece for floral cakes, there’s an endless amount of different flower styles and colours you can choose for your cake to make it really stand out.


Tall Wedding Cakes


Tall cakes with tier after tier are the perfect way to make an impression at any wedding reception. This towering cake style is perfect for brides looking to create something with a real wow factor! If your venue or guest list is on the large side then tall cakes are a fantastic way for making sure everybody gets a piece of your delicious cake.



Fresh fruit, bright flowers and seasonal colours make naked cakes one of the most desired choices for summer weddings. They’ve only become popular in the last few years but are sure to be showcased at weddings around the country.


painted-wedding-cakesPainted Wedding Cakes


Hand painted cakes are quite a difficult cake to create but are perfect for personalising your cake, emphasising the talent of the cake decorator and adding a work of art to your wedding table.


Metallic Weddding Cakes


Metallic cakes undeniably ooze class and sophistication. Their shimmering finish of gold, bronze or silver looks almost inedible yet incredible. The metallic finish can be created by using an edible paint/airbrush coating, or a lustre effect modelling paste for small models. Although they’re popular all year round, metallic cakes can be adopted into a summer theme by combining the edgy and shimmering lustre of silver, gold or bronze with bright summer colours. If flowers are your thing, they make a great contrast with a gold background, as shown on the cake below.


Lace Wedding Cakes


lace-wedding-cakesIt wasn’t all that long ago that edible cake lace emerged on the shelves but it’s safe to say it’s quickly taken the cake decorating world by storm! Cake lace can take any cake from plain to rustic chic or vintage glamour in quite literally seconds. It can be draped or wrapped around a cake to give depth to its design, or simply used to add an elegant finishing touch to cakes of all shapes and sizes.


Novelty  Wedding Cakes


Who says your wedding cake actually has to be cake?! In recent years, many couples have been straying from the traditional cake, instead  opting for distinctive creations to reflect their tastes and personalities. Whether you’re serving up stacks of cupcakes, macarons or doughnuts in place of cake, you can still decorate them with the more traditional fresh sugar flowers and colourful frosting that wedding cakes usually boast. After all, when it comes to your wedding the world is your oyster cake!


Chalkboard Wedding Cakes


We just can’t get enough of the trendy chalkboard cake design. This cake style resembles something straight out of a craft magazine, looks surprisingly realistic and allows you to add a cute personalised message for the newlyweds. If you’ve never seen a chalkboard cake before or you’re eager to try this new trend out for yourself,  it’s created using black sugar paste dusted in icing sugar and finished with a hand painted message using white edible paint and a thin brush.


Wedding Cake Flavours

Its all About The Cake Flavour Too! From Eggless wedding cakes, tradtional friut cake to chocolate and red velvet there is a large range of fantastic flavours you can choose from to really personalise your wedding cake.

Summer Wedding Cakes!

naked-wedding-cakes-flowersNaked Wedding Cakes by Sugarbliss Cake Company


We love creating these natural fresh wedding cakes.  This simple sponge cake allows you to mix and match a variety of exciting flavour combinations, to really create an impact – it’s no wonder it’s become one of the must have wedding cake this summer and is becoming popular as a summer birthday cake or a special celebration cake.


One of the advantages of the Naked Cake is its almost limitless creativity. Whether you decide to be prim and proper and have neat and tidy layers of buttercream and sponge or you go for a more rustic, just thrown together approach. Part of the cakes appeal is that it isn’t perfect and all of its imperfections are on show.


summer-wedding-cakesWith all the ingredients exposed to the elements, the sponge and all of its lovely fillings really need to be visually on point. When creating your own naked cake, think about what flavour combinations and colours that work well together. A few combinations which work particularly well together – are lemon sponge with lemon buttercream, chocolate sponge with caramel buttercream and vanilla sponge with a white chocolate ganache. We also create a range of eggless naked wedding cakes and gluten free wedding cakes.


Decorating your naked cake is all part of the fun and this is where you can really wild with accessorising. The deep colours of summer fruits is always a winner, as well as bright, vibrant flowers, but you could also try decorating with delicious chocolate or strawberry sauces or even icing cream!


eggless-wedding-cakes-sugarbliss-cake-coWe stock a range of easy to use high quality cake mixes in our cake decorating shop, Knowle, Solihull, from Vanilla sponge cake mix to our tasty Red Velvet cake sponge mix, as well as, everything you need create and decorate your very own delicious but effortless Naked Wedding Cake or Celebration Cake.


This naked wedding cake design was topped with gorgeous summer fruits and made from a delicious Eggless cake sponge.




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