Wonky Birthday And Las Vegas Wedding Cake

We absolutely love creating wonky cakes whether for a wedding reception or for a 40th birthday celebration. These two recently made cakes are just some of our many enchanting Wonky celebration designs which we have created over the last year and as always, so unusual and eye catching.


Our 3 tier las vegas wonky wedding cake was inspired by the bride and grooms visit to Los Vegas and created using casino themed ideas, and yes, the casino dice and chips were made from milk chocolate! In designing this cake we used the fantastic patchwork card cutter set and beau florist paste to to make the playing card symbols and diamante pin lettering for the initials of the bride and groom. We modelled the bride and groom cake toppers using squires mexican modelling paste and finished the colouring with edible paint.


The Wonky 40th  Birthday Cake was great fun to design. The numbers were created using the patchwork number cutters and blue florist paste. 24 gauge stem wire was used to stand the letters in the cake. The balloons were made using similar methods and coloured with silver and black edible paint spray. One of our fabulous flaming fountain cake candles was placed on top to really make this cake a show stopper!

Our Wonky Cake designs were the receptions centre-pieces and looked absolutely fabulous and also tasted delicious as well!
Loving Everything To Do With Cakes!